@onyellowpaper @jennytoomey NPR. & @NekoCase

I told Jeff I wanna try the Camino de Santiago. I dunno when. But I think I’d have a good time & get a lot out of the experience. Culture!

DIY home improvement youtu.be/r5XX9LX2es4

@megmachinemusic I second that fuck you. Hugs.

Relief! Finished vox & did a (IMO) good mixdown of the Xmas song I made with my piano teacher @JamesDering, for @comedyminusone‘s radio show

@msanthropic @palaxytracks My car is the big star in that video. Well, it’s in one shot

I think Un is thrilled with the attention & wants everyone in the world to see that stupid movie. Would’ve been disappointed if it flopped

YAY!!!! See if you can find me in this new video by @palaxytracks youtube.com/watch?v=3iuuVd…

Do you think they’re gonna start pronouncing it “Cole-burt” for the Late Show gig? I wonder

I’m reeeally going to miss the Colbert Report @StephenAtHome

The tower of tile is growing http://t.co/LmGMb7FDUb


She who cannot just hit the chord, arppeggiates youtu.be/aIdJd3bxwDA?a

Fuck you http://t.co/HjfQLabaHH


@samarov How did you know?

Jeff is buttering the tile! http://t.co/GG7VW7t601


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