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digital drawing by Edith FrostDigital drawing that I did circa 1995 for Cowgal’s Home on the Web.  I think it’s an MS Paint creation.

Polaroid self-portrait

Edith Frost self portraitProbably taken circa 1995 in Brooklyn, NY


photo by Chuck CorsPhoto taken by Chuck Cors in December 1995 at his apartment in Brooklyn, NY

Song for today

Wrote "Ancestors"

Song for today

Wrote "Denied"

Song for today

Wrote "Cold and On My Mind"

Wanda Jackson / Rosie Flores

At the Bottom Line in New York, NY

The Cooler (New York, NY)

With: Smog; Cat Power; Loren Mazzacane-Connors

My band: Mike Daly (guitar)

Song for today

Wrote "I Know You Done Me Over"

Tumyeto interview


p>A very long-winded e-mail conversation I had with Clea Hantman which appeared on the TUMYETO Digiverse online zine sometime in 1995. (The exact date is lost to my memory, so I’ve fudged on that.) This was before I even had a record out! A lot of things have changed since then, so I’ve added a few footnotes at the bottom.

An email interview with Edith Frost

Perhaps you have not heard of her. In fact, I’d put money on it. But you will. Edith is a smart and sassy cowgirl who has a double seven coming out on Drag City. It’s her demos that she sent them and the guys at Drag didn’t want to change a thing. And soon it will be in a record store near you.

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Song for today

Wrote "Everybody’s Down"

Tramps (New York, NY)

photo by Clay IrvingWith: Palace; Sparky (Songs:Ohia); The Scriveners

My band: Max Dietshe (guitar); Carl Hayano (upright bass); Tom Mattioli (drums)

photo by Clay IrvingThis was my first gig ever playing all original songs, as opposed to country and/or rockabilly covers. Photos by Clay Irving

Panix picnic

photo by Shabbir SafdarAt a picnic for Panix geeks that was held in Central Park in New York City sometime in June 1995. Photo by Shabbir Safdar.  I am clueless as to the identity of the dude behind me.

Koyote Kate’s (New York, NY)

Edith Frost and her Roadhouse Romeos
@ Koyote Kate’s
307 W. 47th St., New York, NY

Socrates Sculpture Park (Queens, NY)

The Holler Sisters, Blonde Redhead, the Jon Lewis / Daniel Carter / Peter Wiley Trio
@ Pop Up — a sculpture show held at Socrates Sculpture Park
Broadway & Vernon Blvd., Queens, NY

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