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Puncture interview

An interview by Bob Pomeroy that appeared in the Fall 1997 (#40) issue of Puncture Magazine. I’m not sure of the exact date it came out.

edith frost: shivers down your spine
Born of some holy communion between singer-songwriter psychedelia and spooky country blues, Edith Frost’s songs stir up serious longings. And Bob Pomeroy responds

On "Calling Over Time," the title track of her first album, Edith Frost sings a kind of epilogue to the chorus that repeats the phrase "loving hands turn burning sand to water." The notes she sings tumble down a minor scale on a prolonged fall from the upper reaches of the thin, narcotic atmosphere that the song, as a whole, generates. (In fact, the entire record, except for one or two more wide-awake numbers, flows like a dream.)

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Train Wreck interview

An interview by Michael McLeod that appeared in the Fall 1997 (#2) issue of Train Wreck, a zine out of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. I don’t know the exact date the issue came out.

Edith Frost: Authentic, heartsick, personal & poignant

From a cool and steel gray channel encompassing the horizon, a glimmer of hope emerges. Beauty and optimism slowly wrap around your being as you witness flower petals effortlessly dancing upon the water’s surface with candles calmly floating on leaves set adrift under the dwindling light. Edith Frost is the voice from which the glimmer, the beauty and the optimism spring forth in introspective gentleness.

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Cleveland Free Times interview

An interview by Anastasia Pantsios that appeared in the October 1-7, 1997 issue of the Cleveland Free Times (Cleveland, OH)…

An Early Frost

Edith Frost approaches roots music in a conscious, educated way. Though such an approach can sometimes lead to stagy, patronizing disasters, Frost resembles fellow country/folk troubadour Gillian Welch in coming at her late-found love with an affection so open and humble that it precludes condescension. And even though Frost’s self-released EP of last year1 and her full-length album Calling Over Time were released on Chicago’s ultra-hip indie label Drag City, she seems embarrassed by the notion of being part of some "hip" scene. She’s just a 33-year old working gal in Chicago, thrilled to get her first $3000 royalty check from Drag City and trying to figure out how to buy a vehicle so she can go on the road more. "Last May was the first time I played in a town I didn’t live in," she explains.

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Ryan vs Rian

Did an interview with a woman named Maya Singer for Soma magazine. She didn’t mind the cats so we did it here at my place. Damn, I think she knows my album better than I do! ;-) It’s always so funny (funny strange, not funny ha-ha) to hear other people talk about my songs and what the lyrics mean to them… I think I’m being quite obvious in my words, but other people might hear things that I’ve never even thought about. I really dig that. It’s like the songs take on a life of their own; I don’t know what the hell they might be saying to people!!

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Bad day

Something went down today and it’s really bothering me… but it’s business stuff that I can’t really go into detail about here. It’s a turning-point thing… you work with people, and sometimes decisions get made by the powers that be, and you end up having to move in a different direction from where you expected. It’s a big disappointment for me and even more so for other people that were involved. I hope there won’t be too many hurt feelings over this, but there’s really nothing I can do to help the situation other than to say "I’m sorry" and hope these people will still talk to me in the months to come. I can’t help but feel like it’s partly my fault that things went down the way they did! It’s not, but I still feel bad about it. ::sigh::

Calling off the manhunt

What a weekend I’m having!! heheh… yeah. I’m really livin’. I did end up going to that Handsome Family show Friday night… they’re so good. Gotta love ’em. I got a copy of their new vinyl-only E.P. "Invisible Hands," haven’t heard it yet but Linda Ray recommended it highly, said it was full of beautiful hymns.

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Great rehearsal

Yesterday was so busy… say, I’m always writing about what happened yesterday, isn’t that kind of a pain? Anyway, what did I do, what did I do. I went to work. I worked. I came home. I got on the computer for a little bit, then did a phone interview with a guy from Orbit magazine out of Detroit, in anticipation of the Oct. 6th show. It went pretty well, I suppose, though I sometimes feel like I’m getting the same questions over and over, and giving more or less the same responses… I ought to compile them, make up a FAQ and just refer folks to my website whenever I’m feelin’ uppity!  ;-)

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Mekons at the Rainbo

I went to see the Mekons play a "secret show" (yeah right!) at the Rainbo Club last night. First time I’d seen them live, it was great! Very very packed. Joe and Mike and Braden were there too, so we all hogged a corner of the bar to watch the show. Quite a spectacle! Saw my pal Chris Mills too, and lots of other folks… it was a sort of fun and embarrassing night for me, too, because I had told Jon Langford that I was trying to meet a guy to go out with, half as a joke and half seriously – Jon knows everybody in town, why NOT ask him? Couldn’t hurt, right? Well, it turned into a major joke of the evening. Let’s find Edith a new boyfriend. And then to make it even worse I went home half-drunk, got on the computer and sent one of the guys I met a really retarded flirty e-mail which I seriously doubt will be returned… ::argh!!:: Nothin’ like a day of self-induced public humiliation to cheer a gal right up! ;-) Next time I go out, I’m going to concentrate on the word "dignity."

Adopted ‘Never get ahead’

Another Monday… I had to work of course, and had a good rehearsal with Ryan Hembrey. I can’t believe we’re leaving so soon for this tour, it’s just a little over a week away!

They’re having a big pledge drive on WFMU, my favorite-of-all-favorite freeform radio stations out of East Orange, NJ. Reason I’m mentioning it is because I’m listening tonight (they broadcast over the internet, thank god!) and they played "Never Get Ahead," a really great tune by one of my new-favorite Chicago artists, Bobby Conn. I was so excited to hear it that I e-mailed in to pledge $20 (which is a lot more money than I’d normally be givin’ away!). If you pledge $20 you get to adopt a record, any record in the WFMU library, and whenever that record gets played, they HAVE to mention you as being the adoptive parent. Guess what record I adopted! (No, not MINE, silly! BOBBY’S!!) God, I hope nobody adopted it already. If so, I may have to start a bidding war because I really have my heart set on THAT one.

…Wow, they just announced it, I DO get that record!! whoo-hoo!! That just totally made my day.

Walk on the fire

Damn, that last entry was such a downer… oh well, I guess I’m allowed, it’s my diary. Fuck those rules anyway, not lettin’ myself talk about my problems… what else is there to talk about most of the time but problems and complications?

Spent the day hanging around the house, messin’ around on the computer, mainly on e-mail duty. Also demo’ed a new tune which I guess will be called "Walk on the fire". I’m pretty sure it’s good but I can’t trust my own judgment; I’ll have to play it for Rian before I know whether I really like it or not. (Wow, that’s real assertive of me, huh!) It’s the first tune I’ve done in awhile… I’d like to crank ’em out at least once per week (once a DAY would be really cool!) but sometimes I go through these draggy periods where I really don’t have anything much to say, songwise. I don’t try to push it, but I get worried if I haven’t done a new tune in the past month or so!

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Look but don’t touch

What a fucked-up week! I mean, nothing truly bad happened; it was just one of those weeks where you’re pissy and uncomfortable for all kinds of reasons. I actually yelled at total strangers, twice this week! To the obnoxious yuppy lady in the subway station who was complaining to everyone around her and asking me "Do you know how LONG this is going to take? I am just sick of all this waiting!"… my very mature reply: "Do I look like I KNOW? Whadoo I look like, your fuckin’ TRAVEL agent?" (I’m sorry, I was just really tired and not in the mood.)

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Hembrey’s on board

Oh YAY… I’ve had a kinda shitty week but now it looks like a lot of my worries about the tour have solved themselves. Ryan Hembrey (the upright bassist from Pinetop Seven) is going to do the shows with me, and we’re going to use his car! I’m SO relieved. I was not featuring the idea of doing all that driving, playing the shows and trying to find places to stay, all by myself. (Nobody that I’d normally play with can do it this time; Mike Krassner can’t get off work, Joe Ferguson’s about to get married and Glenn Kotche’s out on tour with Bird Dog. And Mike Daly still lives in New York!) So, yeah, it’ll be great, just me and my guitar and Ryan with his upright… I can’t wait! I made a tape of my demos for him to listen to in the next few weeks, and we’ll get in as many rehearsals as we can.

Oh yeah, I took down my "what’s new" page… this here diary covers that terrain well enough.

Booked a tour

Working working working… but I did get to do something fun last night; Jim O’Rourke picked me up after work and took me to the Steam Room to record some more ooh’s and ah’s for him, just like I did awhile back for the new Gastr record. This time it’s something of his own, I think. And this time we sang together! He has a nice voice, I’m glad he’s using it a lot more lately.

Just got the word on some more shows in October, touring with the Grifters, that ought to be fun! I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to get to these shows or who I may be playing with… I may have to do ’em solo, but we’ll see. I’m all preoccupied with trying to figure out how I can buy a car with no money. It’s a problem… I keep spending all my gig money renting these frickin’ vehicles, so I have to buy one, but I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I wish my daddy were here to help me figure it out!!

Puttering around the house

Finished up a tape of Mexican music for Mike Krassner (’tis the season!), and a tape for Tara Key full of Kentucky women — Davis Sisters / Skeeter Davis, Loretta Lynn, Jean Chapel, Molly O’Day, Martha Carson etc. I have 40 e-mail messages to wade through but I’m avoiding it! I’m super broke so I can’t really go out this weekend, but I have a lot of shit to do around here.

Working and sleeping

Stole the new diary look from the Thomasville website. Other than that I’ve just been working and sleeping a lot! Making up for last week I guess.

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