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My old loft

photo by Edith FrostMy bedroom in the space I shared on S. Wabash in Chicago, towards the end of August ’98. This was just as I started packing up to move to another apartment… but then I only lived in this place like five months, so it’s not like I had everything unpacked anyway.  But omigod, look at all that junk!!  And look at Junebug, fast asleep in the computer chair.

Tribune review of Bottle show

Excerpted from a show review by Bill Meyer that appeared in the Chicago Tribune

Triple bill shows Drag City label’s range

Chicago’s music scene is constantly renewed by the work of visionary independent labels. In the ’90s, none has had more impact than Drag City, which has issued records by celebrated artists such as Pavement and Royal Trux.

The label presented three acts at the Empty Bottle on Friday evening that refracted Drag City’s vision through the lenses of updated traditionalism, experimentalism and irony.

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Goosefest (Chicago, IL)

Played the Goose Island Goosefest with Pinetop Seven

My band: Steve Dorocke (pedal steel, dobro); Ryan Hembrey (bass, accordion); Gerald Dowd (drums)

Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL)

With: Chestnut Station; Jim O’Rourke

My band: Steve Dorocke (pedal steel, dobro); Ryan Hembrey (bass, accordion); Glenn Kotche (drums)

Tribune interview by Josh

An interview by Josh Noel that appeared in the Chicago Tribune "Reverb" section…

A multicolored Frost
Drag City songstress plays Empty Bottle and Goose Fest

Whether you interviewed Edith Frost for a half-hour, two hours or even 10 hours, you’d come away with few notes. Most people don’t take notes when talking to their friends, and Frost is so easygoing and candid and so immediately familiar that scribing most of what she says would seem a violation of friendship. Then you remember there is no friendship — you’re working here — so you’d best start writing something.

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Crushes on everyone

I feel so bad for not writing to you more often, Diary. But believe you me, I’ve been busy. I am a movin’ mama! I have been ROCKIN’ it seriously!! And I’ve been having some fun on the side too! I don’t have time to write about it now but I will anyway.

Last Saturday I played the Immigrant Suns’ CD release party in Detroit… that was way cool. It was me and Ryan and Dorocke — plus Nate and his um-friend Audrey, along for the ride. It was neat-o to finally see the Suns play on their home turf… they had all the people dancin’ and carryin’ on. As much as I’ve dug their act seeing it here in Chicago, it was sooooo much better seeing it there.

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Alvin’s (Detroit, MI)

With: Immigrant Suns

My band: Steve Dorocke (pedal steel, dobro); Ryan Hembrey (bass, accordion)

In the wee small hours

God, has it been a whole week since I wrote? Jesus, I thought it was just a couple of days.

I found a place, y’all… it took me all week but finally I found an apartment and rented it on the 18th, my 34th birthday! It’s in Palmer Square, which is a fancy way of saying "Logan Square Southeast". A nice tree-lined street, and my building’s right across from a COP STATION — so my van will be in much less danger of getting broken into, I hope! I like my landlord a lot… he seems really on the ball and says he has no plans of selling the building (which is why I got kicked out of my place on North Ave. last April!).

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Liam does it doggy style

I’ve been going crazy with the apartment-searching. Tons of phone calls, e-mails, searching online and in the papers. I’m trying to narrow down what I need and figure out what options I’ve got… there’s a few scenarios, the most obvious being to find a place by myself — which would mean a small place (because I can’t afford very much $) and all the responsibility that entails. Or I could find somebody that I know (or kinda know) who’s in the same boat that I am, and pool our resources to find a good place together. That would mean a MUCH better place I’m sure, and cheaper rent for all involved!

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Really do have to leave

I just got back home today, I’ve been touring for the past week. Got some bad news… I really do have to be out of this apartment by September 1st. Jesus motherfucking christ!! So I have to find a new place, like NOW. Because it’ll take me awhile to move all this shit, wherever I end up… remember last time? Ryan, bless his heart, offered to help me a little with the moving. But I have to find a place first. I’d love to find another share, so I could get more space for the money… but I really got dicked over by this, my first attempt at living in a shared space. This time it’s going to need to be a better situation for sure.

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Little Brother’s (Columbus, OH)

Played at Little Brother’s with Jenny Mae

My band: Steve Dorocke (pedal steel, dobro); Ryan Hembrey (bass, accordion)

Last Call Gallery (Pittsburgh, PA)

With: The Johnsons; Deliberate Strangers

My band: Steve Dorocke (pedal steel, dobro); Ryan Hembrey (bass, accordion)

Acme Underground (New York, NY)

With: Tony Conrad; David Grubbs

My band: Steve Dorocke (pedal steel, dobro); Ryan Hembrey (bass, accordion)

click for larger imagePatti Rothberg and me.  Can’t remember who took the picture.

Alex and Tony

photo by Edith FrostExperimentalalists Alex Gelencser and Tony Conrad at Acme Underground in New York, NY

Middle East (Cambridge, MA)

Played at Middle East Upstairs with Tony Conrad and David Grubbs

My band: Steve Dorocke (pedal steel, dobro); Ryan Hembrey (bass, accordion)

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