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Daddy, and doing my duty

Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

Sorry I haven’t written in so long.  Things have been going pretty well.  Daddy hasn’t been feeling very well… he went home from Oregon and then got an infection; his latest wound wasn’t healing properly.  He went to see a surgeon yesterday, got the wound treated and has another checkup tomorrow (Friday).  He says he feels like shit but that he’ll live.  (If he was going to die, he’d tell me!)

Now Daddy wants to know what I want for Christmas, other than money!  Gawd.  I didn’t know what to tell him, my mind has been so wrapped up in getting my damn taxes taken care of.

John and I bought a fake Christmas tree today.  :-)

The Hideout (Chicago, IL)

Opened for Archer Prewitt at the Hideout

My band: Jim Becker (guitar, violin, keyboards), Mark Greenberg (keyboards), Ryan Hembrey (electric bass), Archer Prewitt (drums)

Mentioned in The Stranger

One of my songs made an appearance in a playlist / article by Sean Nelson which appeared in the December 6-12, 2001 issue of The Stranger (Seattle, WA). The list is called LIFE DURING WARTIME: Mix Tape for a Season in Hell.

"Calling over Time," Edith Frost (Calling Over Time):
"Now you are in paradise…." This haunting campfire lament sounds eerily like a suicide bomber’s widow testifying to faith against hope. "Loving hand turns burning sand to water."

Stance review

A review (author unknown) that appeared in the December 2001 issue of Stance

Forget pop stars and grab a helping of this woman’s pop gems.  Add a hint of country twang, some strings, and some help from Chicago’s most esteemed indie stars and you’ve got the makings of greatness.

Yourflesh review

A review by Troy Brookins that appeared in the Winter 2001-2002 (#46) issue of Yourflesh. I’m not sure of the exact date it came out.

Edith Frost’s promise picks up where Liz Phair’s left off. While high dollar Phair married a high dollar husband and presumably ruined her outlet for interesting songwriting, Frost hasn’t squandered opportunity and has some good stories to tell. With an airy voice that glides across the notes and sinks sweetly into your ear, Frost subtly works her way into your head. Previous efforts were tagged as alt-country, but Wonder Wonder showcases a multifaceted Edith Frost and comes closer to ethereal pop than Nashville. Often underappreciated and underrated, Frost finds herself without the print-worthy notion of female stardom that lesser artists have undeservingly soaked up. It would be a shame to miss out on this artist’s talent. Wonder Wonder should be the record that lets everyone know what he or she is missing.

hipMama review

A review (author unknown) that appeared in the December 2001 issue of hipMama (Portland, OR)…

Frost’s new outing showcases her excellent, country-leaning songwriting and singing. Less fuzzed out than her last release (’98’s Telescopic), Wonder Wonder has almost Tin Pan Alleyesque moments. The almost whimsical title track brings to mind Frost’s old-time music jones, but also reminds me of Mo Tucker singing "After Hours." Frost has more subtlety and skill as a singer than Tucker, of course, but the charm is somewhat similar. Backed by a strong, mostly Chicago-based crew of musicians, Frost delivers 12 pop (in the best sense of the word) songs that’ll get stuck in your head and CD player.

Charm interview

An interview by Sonia Pereira that appeared in the Winter 2001 issue of Charm, a zine out of Northampton, MA. I’m not sure of the exact date the issue came out, but the interview itself happened over the phone on 10/5/01.

Chillin’ With Edith Frost

I’ve had this Edith Frost song in my head all day. It’s called "Cars and Parties" and it goes something like this: "Everyone around here reminds me of someone down in Texas and every strip-mall on the highway reminds me of my home…" In her classically Frost-like nonchalance, Edith’s voice rolls through the tune like she’s rolling smoothly down a hill only to fly off a sharp dip throughout her course (hey, she’s gotta let you know just how uncool or mal-adjusted she really is). Edith Frost is the kind of singer you can relax in the tub to while sipping hot cider and rum, eating Godiva’s, closing your eyes, and remembering how sucky and wonderful love can be while fighting back the tingling tears in your gut. Her voice is deep and gentle like a little kid’s sincerest belly laugh. Her lyrics are deceptively simple, endearing, and extremely catchy.

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Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

We had a nice Thanksgiving.  Daddy had surgery on Tuesday and it went well, so that was definitely something to be thankful for!!  I didn’t get to talk to him though; I only had his cellphone number and not Joy’s, so I could only leave a message.  John cooked his first turkey for Thanksgiving, it came out great!  So we had the whole feast.

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Review in Beat (Australia)

A review by Anthony Carew that appeared in Beat Magazine (Melbourne, Australia)…

Edith Frost is the only woman that’s made it into the Drag City Songwriters Boy’s Club. Across the course of a couple eps and a couple albums, she’s shown herself to be a limber songsmith, her crooning cowgal odes simple little-ditties that are able to contour to different strands of sonic styling. After the Royal Trux duo of Adam & Eve (mis)handled production on the strange, shifting, stirring Telescopic, Frost hands over production duties to Drag City dude Rian Murphy for her latest outing, Wonder Wonder.

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Day after the benefit

Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

Finally get a day to myself… I’ve just been listening to MP3s, mostly a bunch of old girl-group stuff I found on Audiogalaxy.  The Stolen Child benefit last night went great… it was a lot of fun.  Kind of intense, but in a good way.  It was definitely worth the effort to do… getting to see Wilco do "California Stars" as an encore was a total rush.  John came along with me, we hung out together the entire show, except when I was on stage of course.  I did "The Fear" and "Hear My Heart", and had Jim, Glenn, and John Stirratt from Wilco backing me up.  It was pretty awesome, the PA’s so huuuge!!

The Metro (Chicago, IL)

Stolen Child benefit at the Metro, with Wilco; Jeff Tweedy; John Stirratt & Autumn Defense; Leroy Bach & Edward Burch; Eleventh Dream Day; Nicholas Tremulis; Mars Williams; J. Davis Trio; Steph Turner & Dag Juhlin; Steve & Liam of Frisbie; Joe Cassidy of Butterfly Child; Sandra Delgado; Stephanie Browning; Yum, Yum

My band: Jim Becker (mandolin, electric guitar), John Stirratt (electric bass), Glenn Kotche (drums)

My museum pics

At the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago…

photo by Edith FrostJohn Whitney

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Museum of Science and Industry

photo by John WhitneyPhoto by John Whitney

More surgery for Daddy

Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

Daddy’s having surgery again in Oregon on Tuesday.  Lucie says Daddy is treating it as a no-big-deal thing but she’s worried about him, and so is his business partner Bob Howen.  She says he’s in poor health and seems very depressed.  (Something we all seem to have in common right now!) It’s so weird that this is happening almost exactly one year after the first time he went into the hospital, for the weight-loss surgery.  I hope to God I won’t have to spend Christmas crying in a hospital this year, sitting in a ICU waiting room far away from home.  He’s getting his pannectomy (sp?) to fix the hernia that was left from the last surgery, and they’re also doing some exploring in there to try to find out why he’s not taking in proteins the way he should.  I hope to Jesus it goes well and he gets out of there ASAP!!!

Another disaster in NYC

Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

There was yet another ghastly tragedy in New York this morning, a plane crash in Queens on the Rockaway peninsula.  It was an American Airlines jet heading out from JFK on its way to the Dominican Republic; they think there was a mechanical failure as opposed to another terror attack.  Seems like one of the engines might have exploded, which made the wing fall off, which made the plane go into a corkscrew and straight into the ground.  255 souls on board and they don’t expect to find any survivors at all.  Jesus…!!  And this is a neighborhood that had already lost something like 75 of its residents from the World Trade Center attacks just two months ago… firemen, policemen and people who worked in the WTC.  And now this.  Poor New York!!!  But, it is a tiny consolation that it’s probably not another terror strike.  Everyone’s so on edge about terrorism and flying in general… it’s always the first thing on people’s minds when they hear any bad news.

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