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Browser BS

I really really hate to say this but I think I’m going to have to stop using Mozilla for awhile and go back to IE as my main browser.  Turns out that Mozilla’s bookmarks feature its riddled with bugs right now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to do anything about it for awhile.  Bookmarks are fairly important to my surfing habits and Mozilla has already tried to trash them three times.  Not the whole bookmarks file, but it has erased whole folders inside it, which is a pretty major bug if you ask me.  Wish I could just figure out a way to avoid whatever it is I’m doing to trigger the erasures. Grrrrr.  Well that’s what I get for trying to live on the bleeding edge…!!

Deborah’s b-day ruined

Yakked on the phone today with my Holler Sister Deborah Moore.  She’s the best.  She lives in Brooklyn and her birthday is September 11th…!!!  We were talking about that… it’s sort of like your birthday falling on Christmas or Halloween, only sadder.  :-( I told her she should just change it; I’m sure everyone would understand!  Send out an e-card to all her friends.  She joked that she would change it to December 7th (Pearl Harbor day), that would be a lot less of a pain in the ass.  "To whom it may concern:…" Heheh.

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Edith Frost, comedy writer

This is pretty tripped out… using your eyes instead of a mouse.  It doesn’t sound like any more than a concept right now but I can totally get into it.  The thing tracks the movements of your eyeballs, so I assume you’d have to move your eyes to make the mouse move.  Glance off to the far left to "go back".  Glance to the right to "go forward".  You could select something by blinking on it, and then double-blink to launch?  Wink your left eye bring up the file menu, and your right eye to get the right-click popup menu.  Wowww.

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Organize like Martha

Anyone else notice something funny ’bout Apple’s iPhoto webpage?  "Shoot like Ansel.  Organize like Martha." How long do you think it’ll take ’em to change that second name to "Heloise"?

Terminal geek

I just opened OS X’s for the first time.  What a pleasure… everything seems to work exactly as it did back in the old days when I was using Linux real heavily.  It’s just like riding a bicycle!  I still remember a lot of the commands so I can crawl around and do things quicker than I can in a GUI interface.  What are all these weird hidden directories everywhere?  Finder never showed me all those before.

Maxine interview posted

I’m testing a little doohickey called BlogApp.

In the new-content department, I slapped up an old 1999 interview from a zine called Maxine which I think is now defunct.  I have tons of press stuff that I never got around to archiving on my site.

Fireworks are bad for you

Wow.  Fireworks are bad for your health. The thought had never even entered my mind.

Mozilla geek

Forgive me but I found another groovy Mozilla feature to tell you about.  "Bookmark this group of tabs." So I now have a bookmark that opens up the Blogger entry screen in one tab, and the actual blog in another.  Isn’t that special.

Fireworks show

Me and John bolted up to Evanston last night to check out their fireworks show.  We got there just as the show started, so all the open spots were full of people already, but we found a cool spot that wasn’t TOO blocked by trees.  I’d brought my camera — have you ever tried to take pictures of fireworks?  It ain’t easy, you have to use a really fast exposure to catch ’em.  I didn’t have time to fiddle with the settings on my camera so I just turned off the flash, kept snapping and hoped for the best.  I did get some really neat pictures, they look really groovy now.  I cropped the black parts off with iPhoto.  What am I gonna do with ’em all?

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4th of July fireworks

photo by Edith Frostphoto by Edith Frostphoto by Edith Frostphoto by Edith Frost

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Red Line at Lawrence

photo by Edith Frostphoto by Edith Frostphoto by Edith Frost

What’s on my desktop today?

Gotta couple new (to me) utilities I’m trying out.  Desktastic lets you doodle on your desktop.  It’s a silly thing I probably won’t keep since you can’t even save anything, and it erases itself between reboots.  Maybe it’s just crippled for the demo version, but their website doesn’t say anything about that, so screw ’em.  But the other utility I probably will use is LaunchBar, made by the nice folks who brought you Sharity.  LaunchBar is a little thingy that lets you type in just a few letters and draw up all kinds of things you might want to access on your ‘puter.  Applications, documents, URLs, whatever.  Hard to explain but it seems real handy on first use.  Better than keeping 20 icons in my dock!

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Eye heart Mozilla

Have I told you lately how much I love Mozilla?  Sure, it’s still a little buggy — it gets stoopid and wants you to restart it every once in awhile — but it’s still the sleekest and spiffiest browser I’ve tried.  The tabbed interface was the first thing I dug about it but I keep finding new details to appreciate.  The encrypted password manager.  The ability to block popup ads.  And wow, you can right-click on any image and say "Block all images from this server." Oh jeez, I accidentally blocked everything from Doubleclick!  Hate to see that happen.  :-P

Please rest assured

I’ve been burning some CDs the past few days, catching up on the backup backlog.  It works alright using the iBook, but it sure is slow compared to how it was on the PC.  I wonder if I’m doing something wrong?  Also I can’t seem to get it to recognize the fact that I’m using discs with a capacity of 700MB instead of the usual 650.  The media is so cheap that I don’t mind wasting the space so much, but still.

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