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Another Monday

Got iSync working after deleting and reinstalling it.  For some reason I was under the impression that it was supposed to run my .Mac backup along with the rest of its operations, but no, all it can do for me is sync the iPod.  Well, it saves me a few clicks I guess.

Ran some errands today.  Went to the post office to get the forms and info I need to get my passport updated.  It still has my old married name on it, but my legal name is my maiden name again (Frost) and has been for awhile; I just never got around to changing the passport.  Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of my divorce, whoo-hoo!!  Of course that’s on top of the 2-1/2 years it took to get the guy to sign the fucking papers, but anyway… I can sense my sister Lucie-the-lawyer reading this and saying, "Edith… shut up now…!!"

John and I were blogging at the same time, isn’t that hilarious?  I have to go read what he said now.  :-)

iSync not

The new iSync beta isn’t working for me.  It keeps wanting to duplicate my calendar and address book entries.  I’ve tried deleting all my prefs, clearing out the iPod, etc. etc. but it keeps wanting to multiply itself.  Now I’m reinstalling the software and starting from scratch.  Sheeze… I love technology, but only when it doesn’t waste my time like this.

I’ve been doing some major wrangling on my Movable Type database also.  I can’t figure out why it’s taking so long to post comments!  And I keep getting weird glitches, i.e. a page showing up in gobbledeygook one minute, and looking fine on the next reload.  I’m investigating this via a process of subtraction, taking out features, going back to default templates, removing template modules, and reducing the number of categories, all in the hopes of speeding things up around here.  I even rebuilt the MySQL database, thinking it might have gotten corrupted, and still no joy.  If this is just a server problem, then it’s not Movable Type’s fault and I’ll be screwed even with the simplest of databases.  Sure wish they’d release their 2.5 version; there are a lot of bug-fixes in there that I could really use right about now.

Blog adjustments

I have so many auto-generated gadgets on my weblog, it’s starting to adversely affect its performance.  It’s running WAY too slow whenever you do anything like add a post, add a comment, or edit anything.  So please stand by while I make a few more tweaks to the code.  I’m going to be rebuilding some things; I’ll try not to screw it up.

Bob and David, and longing for updates

The Mr. Show show was a lot of fun, it was awesome to see them in person.  Eat your heart out Scott Hartley!!  Heheh.  I accidentally brought my camera with me — I swear, it was just in my bag because it’s always in my bag; I wasn’t planning on taking pictures at the show.  They searched me when we came in, saw the camera and promptly confiscated the batteries.  I got them back after the show, but the whole process took awhile, and I felt bad for John ‘cuz I’d caused that delay.  It was such a clusterfuck in there, we just got the batteries and bolted out the door.  Didn’t even hang out long enough to see the merch table, which is something I now deeply regret.

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Mr. Show Live

Mr. Show Live: Hooray for America at the Congress Theater in Chicago, IL

Mr Show, Micro Center

John got us tickets to see Bob & David at the Congress tomorrow night (= tonight).  I’m so excited, I can’t wait!!!

We went to Micro Center today (= yesterday) — John needed to get a spindle of CDs, and I just wanted to look at stuff.  But I broke down and got something: Photoshop Elements 2.0.  For the past few months I’ve been wanting to get some kind of imaging software.  I’d always used Photoshop LE (which my dad gave me) but needed something new that would run on OS X.  I was trying to decide between Adobe Elements and Macromedia Fireworks, and settled on Elements for a lot of reasons.  It’s cheaper, and I get a $30 rebate because I have LE.  I can install it on BOTH the PC and the Mac; I’m not sure if that’s strictly legal but both versions are there on the CD, which isn’t the case with any Macromedia product.

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Dusted top-10 thingy

I’ve been featured this week along with fellow Chicago wiseass Fred Armisen in Dusted Magazine. They wanted some sort of music-related list, so I gathered a list of my favorite songs about clothing.  Believe it or not Fred took the idea much more seriously than I did — who’s the comedian here anyway?!?

Preparations with Ryan

Ryan Hembrey came over today (= yesterday) for a last-minute rehearsal, and to help me get the setlist tightened up for the tour in Europe next month.  It went well though we’re both pretty nervous about doing this.  He’s leaving tomorrow (= today) to start touring over there with our buddy Chris Mills.  So I won’t even see him until I meet him… where?  We don’t really know yet.  Barcelona or somewhere down over by dare.  I called Mike Hoff while Ryan was here to try to dig for more info, but there wasn’t much new to tell.  Except that Mike got MARRIED over the weekend and I had no idea about this, last week when I was bugging him like crazy on the phone!!  I surely would’ve given him a little more slack if I’d known.

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Do as I command

To block those evil X10 popunder ads for the next month, go here.

What’s that you say?  Oh!  You’re very welcome!  :-)

Mystery Song 008

…is now posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "Jodel Cha Cha" by Alice Babs.  Two strange genres for the price of one!

That’s better

I finally stopped sneezing last night, after about four cups of tea and another bad bout with the hiccups.  What was UP with that?  Today I’m normal again, other than a slightly raw nose from all the Kleenex I went through.  You know I really need a special field on my blog-entry screen, called "What’s my physical complaint for today?" I could fill it in with a single word every day, it’d be like a "Now Playing" kind of thing.  "Sneezy", "Pukey", "Achey", "Crampy", "Limpy", "Phlegmey" etc. etc.  That way I could acknowledge my old-lady aches and pains, without having to bore you with the details.

SpamCop’s back online again, I forgot to mention that on Sunday night.  Their new server’s really fast!!  I reset the forwarding my mail, fyi.

About 1000 sneezes later…

John’s home safe now.  :-) We had a nice day, but for me it was ruined by the fact that I’ve been sneezing and sneezing and sneezing and sneezing all day long!!  I can’t imagine what’s causing this; it’s not another cold.  (Snot another cold… heheh.) Benadryl is fogging up my brain but it won’t stop the sneezing.  Going outside didn’t help.  Hot shower didn’t help.  Gave up and went to bed, slept for awhile, got up and started sneezing again.  WTF?!?  I looked up the allergy reports for Chicago and it says there’s a high mold count — mold is one thing I’m very very allergic to, but STILL it doesn’t really explain the unstoppable sneezing.  You can’t tell me our house has that much more mold in it than it did yesterday!  I just don’t know, but it’s fucking annoying, and exhausting.  It’s like having a gremlin on my shoulder taunting me every 5 seconds.  I’m trying to get some work done but the jerkoff won’t shut up.

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Super Spazz

John should be home from Ohio in just an hour or two.  Can’t wait to see him!  It’s been a weird morning.  I woke up and got the hiccups, and it lasted a good half hour.  In the midst of that, I started with the sneezing fits.  Better that than the wheezing shits!  Then I broke my Chimera.  I don’t know how, it just wouldn’t open.  Tried deleting my prefs, tried rebooting, tried reinstalling and nothing helped.  I’m totally addicted to Chimera now so this was unacceptable!  After the 2nd cup of coffee it occurred to me to rename the bookmarks file that I’d stashed on the desktop — after that, it launched again normally.  So it was just a wonky bookmarks file.  Why this has to completely prevent the browser from launching, I don’t know, but I’m glad I figured it out.  The newest beta version will store your passwords in the system keychain; they’re working hard to improve it all the time.

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Oh boy, two more names

My Hobbit name is "Peony Underhill of Frogmorton".  I like that okay.  But my Ya-Ya Sisterhood name is "Countess Bad Hair Day".  I haven’t even seen that movie, and I hate it already!

SpamCop outage reminder

Don’t write to me at my SpamCop address!  They’re going to be down all day tomorrow while they move their whole operation from Florida to Atlanta.  It says on their website that the mail won’t bounce, though — I wish they’d posted that earlier, since that’s the only thing I was really bitching about.  I’ve removed forwarding on the address so I’ll be picking that up directly until SpamCop’s back online.  I’ll post a note here when that happens.

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