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Mystery Song 013

… has just been posted. Last week’s mystery song was "Kaettekita Yopparai" by the Folk Crusaders, and I certainly hope you enjoyed it.


Hi edith, it’s me rian!
I’ve taken my turn at Scrabble© in Al’s Ashtray Game Room
and I’ve made a total of
     137 points,
for playing
     MOSQUITO (137)
Players in this game, and their current scores are:-
1 – rian: Score = 287
2 – edith: Score = 176

More gloating

I just trounced John at online Scrabble for the second time in a row, 321 to 176.  And I beat Ryan finally, but it was a real close shave at 281 to 278.  Current middleweight contenders Scott and Chad are no problem for me, but Alyce is giving me trouble right now; she might be better at this than I am.  I’m glad, I need to find more worthy opponents.  I’m going to invite my mother to play. She will kill me deader than hell; she completes the New York Times Sunday crossword in under an hour every weekend!

Finally victorious

I just totally annihilated John at online Scrabble, 350 to 169. And I’m giving Ryan a run for his money in another game we started, though he’ll probably still beat me in the end.

Bested by John

John Whitney just whipped me at online Scrabble, and Ryan’s about to kick my ass even worse.  I’ve sent out a few invites to other friends, hopefully they’ll be more on my level.  :-|

Mystery Song 012

… has just been posted.  The last mystery song, which I ended up leaving online for the past month, was "The Best Individual Song On The CD" by The Fucking Pigs. I hope you enjoyed it.  :-)

Cleaning up the mess

It’s a beautiful thing to be back home.  :-) I’m just padding around like a housecat, and screwing around on the computer a lot.  I was fucking around with tour photos a lot yesterday… there are a million of ’em.  Showed them all to John last night, he was very impressed.  This is the first tour I’ve done with a decent camera and it really paid off!!  I tried uploading all the pictures en masse to my .Mac account but it’s buggy as hell… it keeps repeating photos and erasing descriptions and just doing things that I never told it to.  I’m not sure if that’s the fault of .Mac or of iPhoto, but either way that won’t work.  So I’m doing it the old-fashioned way, making my own thumbnails and adding the pictures into my gallery pages one at a time.

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Photos link back up

Damn, the link to my photos page has been wrong for over a month now.  My bad!  John says he kept meaning to tell me about that; I was also alerted by one of the fans I talked to while I was on tour.

I’ll be posting tour photos pretty soon, when I get ’em organized and labeled.  Also my inbox is downloaded now, so anybody who took pictures at the shows can go ahead and send me copies, and/or send me URLs where I can grab ’em for myself.  :-)

At the Hideout again

photo by Edith FrostJohn Whitney and band

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Hi honey, I’m home!

I’m back, and very exhausted.  John met me at the airport and we’ve been jabbering for hours.  We just had some Thai food, and now he’s going off to do soundcheck for his birthday show tonight at the Hideout… I’m going to stay home and take a little disco nap and then go out there to see the show.  I’ll write more in the next few days when I get my head back on straight.  Sure is wonderful to be back home.  :-)

Ryan in the Oslo airport

photo by Edith FrostRyan Hembrey at the airport in Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

photo by Ryan HembreyMy bassist Ryan Hembrey took this picture in the Oslo Airport. It was the end of a long tour… we’d had no sleep and were drinking coffee at six in the morning trying to stay awake so we could catch our flights back to Chicago.

Swedish bridge

photo by Edith FrostA spooky bridge I saw in Sweden on our late-night drive from Göteborg to Oslo, Norway

Pusterviksbaren (Göteborg, Sweden)

Part of Woody West, a roving series of concerts featuring indie folk/country/rootsy type bands

My band: Ryan Hembrey (electric bass, backing vocals)

Whew, almost home

Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

I’m feeling better now about everything.  Jan isn’t half as bad as I’ve made him out to be, though he could be a few cards short of a full deck I guess.  His mistake was to not shut up after I told him and Ryan about ten times that I was getting upset by the things they were saying and I didn’t want to hear it anymore.  It made them defensive and they kept talking about it, and I kept getting more upset, which led to the utter frustration you see in the previous journal entry.

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