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Chicago by air

photo by Edith FrostFlying back home from Texas, looking out over the wing…

Back home

Just in time for the new year!  Sorry I was such a fat liar about going home for Christmas.  I was worried about burglars knowing we were gone, but now we’re back home and everything’s fine.  Our pals Shawn and John took care of the kitties while we were gone, and my beautiful blue guitar was hidden under my bed, right where I left it.  :-)

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Merry Christmas!

…Or happy your-holiday-of-choice.  If you haven’t gotten it already, be sure and pick up a copy of "Silent Night" over on John’s mp3 page.  You won’t feel like hearing it tomorrow unless you’re some kinda superfan.  ;-)

Calmer now

Things have been surprisingly peaceful around here, despite the hoopla from a week ago.  Daddy’s doing really well considering… the nurses are calling him the Miracle Man!!  John’s off work for two whole weeks, and all our Christmas shopping’s done.  I got some *really* cool presents for all the ladies, that was half the battle right there.  I’m actually jealous of what they’re getting even though it’s nothing huge.  I’ll tell y’all after Christmas, don’t want to spoil the surprise in case they read this before they open their boxes!

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New MT

I’ve upgraded my Movable Type to 2.65 to fix a newly-discovered security issue.  As always, I’m pretending I’m doing the community a favor by spreading the word, when in reality I’m just checking to make sure I didn’t break anything.  :-)

The Christmas thing

John and I went to a holiday party tonight (=last night), a Drag City shindig.  I wasn’t really feelin’ the whole party idea but this was a pretty low-key thing compared to most years.  Still, I felt pretty alien — "don’t these people realize the world is going to hell and we’re all going to die?" Heheh — just kidding.  I didn’t really look or feel my absolute sparkliest but it was nice to see all the friends anyway.  Good thing nobody asked me "What’s going on with you?" or they would’ve gotten an earful!!  I did spill the whole story on one friend, but I just sorta blurted it all out, he didn’t really know what to say, poor guy.  I guess it was a bad idea, shoulda stuck to the chit-chat.  It went better later on when I got to brag about my new guitar!!  :-)

No matter what

Daddy’s hanging in there, thanks for your nice words and prayers.  I only wish that was all that was going on… John and I are just fine but there’s heavy drama swirling all around us, it’s pretty incredible.  Why did all this have to come down now, right when we had all our ducks in a row to have a nice peaceful happy holidays?  It’s completely unfair, nobody did anything to deserve this crap.  I blame the demons!!  But we are a race of warriors, goddammit!!!  I overheard one of us say to another that they felt a bit overwhelmed.  The reply: "No. We’re going to overwhelm IT." Right on, man… we’re all going to get through this, whatever happens, good or bad, we’ll get through this together and fighting for each other.  :-|

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Not again

My dad’s back in the hospital, in ICU.  Direct your good vibrations towards Texas, please.

Do the right thing

Kudos to the Thurmond family for speaking the truth.  As Adam Curry would say, "there are no secrets, only information you don’t yet have…"

Digging out the shrapnel

The last few days have been pretty rough, but it’s all stuff involving different people I’m close to, and I can’t really talk about that in detail here.  But I can give you the loose overview.  Last week we had some pretty bad news, which ended up resolving into good news on Monday, so that was good.  A cloud of gloom was lifted, thank God.  Then today (=yesterday) I got a phone call dropping three bombs on me.  Bomb #1 was very bad; Bomb #2 was really really bad, and Bomb #3 was just unbearably bad.  Then I got much better news which pretty much erased most of the worries about Bomb #3, so I actually felt pretty good and grateful that the thing I couldn’t bear to hear was probably not as bad as we’d thought.  In fact, it’s probably nothing much to worry about at all.  Bombs #2 and 3 still apply, but somehow they seem a lot more manageable in light of what could have been.  So I’m glad.  Life goes on.

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So they got him

It’s all over the news, but I guess I should post something about this so my "On This Day…" doodad will make sense next year.  I was up in the wee hours on Saturday/Sunday and got early word of Saddam’s capture via a post on Metafilter.  I’m glad they caught him, but I dread what’s coming next.  I don’t believe in an eye for an eye.  I’m afraid it’s going to be brutal, and I guess I’d just rather see him be locked up and humiliated for the rest of his life rather than killed.  But maybe they won’t.  If they kill him, some will consider him a martyr, and that would be bad.

Where’s Osama anyway?  Sooner or later they’ll get him too I’m sure.

Another two minutes wasted

Mr. Picassohead

(c/o Susan M. Thomas)

Purging CDs

Last night John and I combed through our wall of CDs and pulled out a great big box-full that we can get rid of without too much heartbreak.  :-) Of course all music is great music, and we enjoyed all those CDs while we had ’em.  I’d keep ’em all if I had a gigantic house, but we’re in an ordinary apartment, drowning in piles of CDs!  Gotta make some decisions, can’t keep everything just because it’s good.

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From Metafilter:

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Clean Sweep

I really like the show Clean Sweep, have you seen it?  You should check it out sometime if ya got nothin’ better to do. It’s one of those home-improvement shows, but the kicker is that they only feature the worst of the worst packrats and clutter-junkies (like me!).  They take houses completely filled with clutter, and turn them into beautiful functional homes.  It’s so funny, they round up all the shit and lay it in the yard and force the owners to sort it all out into "Keep", "Toss" and "Sell" piles.  Then they throw a yard sale, it’s great fun.

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