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Eric Ziegenhagen

Eric Ziegenhagen

Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL)

I played a solo set at the Beat Kitchen, at a benefit for the Tangerine Arts Group.  The benefit was headed up by the chamber pop band Canasta (playing 3 sets), and also featured Eric Ziegenhagen, Brandon Durham (of Palaxy Tracks), Dan from Zapruder Point, and Annie Higgins.


I dreamed I was listening to an old vinyl LP called "Music for Vacuuming" as it was being played over the public address system in a stately old apartment building.  Four or five vacuums ran in the hallway, magically guided by unseen hands.  They were following each other in a circle in the common area by the elevators, sucking up some special cleaning dust that had been sprinkled onto the carpet.

John Cunningham & Nell Taylor

John and NellEric hosted a fun dinner on Boxing Day at Old Jerusalem; John and Nell showed up, as did Geoff and Emerson (not pictured).

Eat up all the yums

Oh yeah!  Remember those Christmas songs John did a few years ago with me and Rian and Patrick etc.?  That was good times, lemme tell ya.  :-)

Almost lost in the woods

I dreamed I was in a dorm room with another girl as my roommate.  It was in some other city and I was packing my suitcase to get ready to go home to Chicago.  As I was discussing this with the roommate though, I realized I wasn’t completely finished with my schooling and would need to complete my studies at a school that wasn’t in Chicago.  I asked the roommate where the school was, and she pointed it out on a map; it was in St. Louis.  "Well that’s not *too* far from Chicago," I thought, but I was still really disappointed that I couldn’t go home right away.

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Let this serve as a warning

Something a certain person I’m dating really ought to know about me: It might not be a good idea to leave a box of fancy French chocolate truffles in my apartment if one wishes to see those chocolates again.  I’m just sayin’… ;-)

Eskimo’s got a brand new brain

I got my laptop back from Apple today; thanks to AppleCare for not telling me I had water damage like they did last time with my old iBook!  This time they just put in a new hard drive — and a new keyboard too, dunno why? — and sent it back to the store for me to pick up.  There was no extra charge, it was all covered by AppleCare.  They gave it new rubber feet and cleaned it off a lot too.  I sure am happy to have it back.  Of course it’s a pain in the ass to lose all my old stuff, I’ve been messing with it all day reinstalling things, but it sure beats the alternative.  Gawd…

Post tour catchup

Boyoboy, I have a lotta blogging to catch up on.  So let’s get to it!  Well.  Last week was full of post-tour errands.  Paid Derek for the booking, returned the leftover tour merchandise and paid for the stuff I’d sold, took care of all the dirty laundry, did a whoooooole lotta sleeping, and put away my suitcase and everything else I’d been lugging around for the last few weeks.  Now everything’s pretty much back to normal in my apartment.

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Elizabeth Cotten – Shake Sugaree

Elizabeth CottenBill Lowman turned me on to Elizabeth Cotten back around when we were recording my album Wonder Wonder.  He said my song "Hear My Heart" reminded him of Elizabeth’s song "Freight Train", and if you know both songs you’ll agree: "one to one on…" matches up almost exactly with "freight train, freight train…" Of course I hadn’t heard "Freight Train" at the time I wrote "Hear My Heart" (at least not that I’m aware of) and it’s not too hard to duplicate a 4-3-2-1 melody, but he is correct about the similarity. I’m just glad I found out about her music, it’s hard to believe I’d never heard of her before.

This album doesn’t have "Freight Train" on it, I’ll have to buy this CD for a hard copy of that.  I already have it on MP3 so there’s no hurry.

Poor little Eskimo

My poor sweet little iBook G4 (named Eskimo after the Residents album of course) is in the shop with what appears to be a failing hard drive.  What is it with me and hard drives?  It happened so fast too.  The poor baby started getting asthma just a few days ago, and as soon as I got home from touring, started locking up bigtime.  I kept having to do the unfortunate holding-down-of-the-power-button thing, staring at the screen woefully ‘cuz the drive’s thrashing and the lights are on but nobody’s home.  Full-blown grand mal seizures.

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Just got home yesterday and man, oh man, oh man am I exhausted, and SORE?  Omigod.  My back is killing me, I guess from sitting in the van for sixteen days in a row and lifting all that gear every day.  I feel like such an ol’ lady.  But I’m very psyched to be home, very happy with how the tour came out.  Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see us play along the tour, especially the generous warmhearted folks who put us up along the way.  And big hugs to all my pals that made it to the show at the Bottle last night, especially Eric (and Erick!) and Geoff and Sarah and Dennis and Aadam and all the Drag City peeps, and whoever else I’m forgetting.  I love all y’all to pieces and I’m really glad y’all got to be there.

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Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL)

Me, Manishevitz and Big Buildings @ the Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60622
10pm Showtime — $8 advance; $10 door

My band: Via Nuon (guitar), Ryan Hembrey (bass), Jason Toth (drums)

At Willaby’s in Madison

thumbnail imageNate LePine and Jason Toth from Manishevitz on the last day of our tour

High Noon Saloon (Madison, WI)

Me, Manishevitz and Noahjohn @ High Noon Saloon
701A E Washington Ave., Madison, WI 53703
9p, $8 cover

My band: Via Nuon (guitar), Ryan Hembrey (bass), Jason Toth (drums)

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