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Separated at birth?

Velma from Scooby Doo
Velma from Scooby Doo
Mena Trott
Mena Trott from Movable Type

Love the obscure sister acts

Hey, there’s a whole webpage about the Moylan Sisters!!  Coooool.  I have that radio broadcast on an old vinyl comp, but these MP3s are all new to me.


I finally got iLife today (=yesterday), mostly just because of GarageBand. It’s supposed to work with my Oxygen8 USB keyboard though I haven’t hooked that up yet.  I’m trying to figure out the software a little more first… is it a multitrack recorder or an Acid clone or both?  It’s a little weird, I’m so used to working with Harmony Assistant.  This is different in some ways and similar in others… HA uses a sheet-music model to let you do your composing, this doesn’t.  Haven’t played with it enough to know whether that’s a good thing or not.  But even if it helps me more than HA does, it still all comes down to good songwriting!  You could noodle around with loops all day but it ain’t nothin’ until it’s a proper song, a good song you could actually play live in any number of instrumental scenarios.  Not to dismiss cut-up and collage-type artists but that’s just where my own priorities lie as a music-maker… I don’t ever wanna be stuck in a position where I can’t play a certain song because I don’t have my computer with me.

Silly video of the day

Feel GREAT!!!!

(Thanks Zeb!!)

Comes in threes

Three great things happened today.  One, I got paid for the stuff I sold on eBay.  So I get to go futon shoppin’ tomorrow.  :-) Two, I moved my very last vanload of crap from the old apartment this afternoon.  So I AM DONE MOVING!!  YEAH!!!!  Three, when I got home I found my DSL modem’s lights had turned from red to a beautiful GREEN.  You know what that means, go go go!!  I got me a username, got the router and the AirPort base station hooked up and it’s all working great.  Hip hip hooray!!

I’m in a very celebratory mood, tappin’ my toes listening to the Township Jazz ‘n’ Jive comp.  Nancy Jacobs and her sisters are singin’ about Chicago and man, am I ever glad to be here.  :-)

Steven writes sad songs

I’ve always been a fan of Steven Wright’s comedy stuff, and his acting — remember "The Appointments of Dennis Jennings"?  But I never knew he paints and does music too.  He’s really really good!!

Speaking of comedy, I hope you didn’t miss the Mal Sharpe specials that have been running for the past few weeks on WYCC here in Chicago (and maybe elsewhere too, I dunno).  I TiVo’ed ’em, but I missed the first one… maybe someone can help me out with that, I’m hopin’.

The countdown is on

Whoah, I better post an entry, my front page is getting too short!  Things are heating up on the homefront; mayhem will prevail until the end of the month.  The old apartment’s finally rented to new tenants who’ll move in on April 1st. John’s moving too, he found a nice little pad just a few blocks away.  I still have a few more days’ work moving the last of my stuff, but I’m about 85% there.  Yesterday the phone got installed over here, so I have dialup access at least… DSL is going to take awhile to get installed but hopefully it won’t be too long.  Everything’s such a pain using dialup, I’m totally spoiled.

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Happy pi day! From my pal Susan, who has a dog named Pi.

Sorry so quiet

I’ve been staying at the new place this week, hanging out here at the old place and/or moving stuff during the daytime.  I only have my cellphone over there, and won’t have internet access until after the real phone gets put in on the 31st.  So I’m just checking my mail when I’m over here and hoping nothing super important comes in between the evenings and the mornings.  I’m about 2/3 done with moving my stuff.  I’m doing most of the work myself, but shanghai’ed a couple of pals to help me with the furniture.  Y’all know who you are and I love ya!!  One of ’em helped me with my two tall bookcases, and the other helped me get my futon and a dresser — in the pouring rain, bless his heart.

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Cowgirl pinups!!

Ugh, I’m moving. But yay, I’m moving!

I got the keys to my new place yesterday afternoon.  It’s swanky. I have a whole month to move everything, and I have a minivan so I’m going to do as much as I can all by myself.  Then when I get totally up against a wall with stuff that can’t be carried by one person, maybe I’ll scream for help.  I know for a fact that I don’t have anything that won’t fit in that van, so I won’t have to rent a truck or nothin’.  Did two vanloads yesterday evening and another just now.  I’m fuckin’ BEAT though.  Sure glad I can take my time with this, I’m going to be hurtin’ myself enough as it is.