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Roberta Flack – First Take

Roberta Flack First TakeJohn turned me on to this, but I’ve known a lot of these songs since I was a kid. Some of them are just heartbreakingly beautiful, with a jazz band and light orchestra, others are smooth and funky.  Love it.

This is not funny

I think my Windows PC just died now too.  It won’t boot, it won’t recognize the hard drive *or* the CD.  So now the only working computer I have is my newer iBook.  I’m scared to even use it.

OMFG, earthquake!!!

I just saw a weather crawler about this on the tv — I want to record my thoughts before I go read about it.  I TOTALLY FELT IT!!  But I didn’t know that’s what it was.  I was sitting cross-legged on the couch and for like twenty seconds I felt the building moving, I swear!  I looked around and my floor lamp was shaking.  I was thinking… what is going on?  I didn’t hear any noise.  It wasn’t my upstairs neighbors, there were no footsteps overhead, just this very dim rumbley feeling.  Were my downstairs neighbors walking around?  I couldn’t figure it out.  After a little bit it stopped and I shrugged it off, thinking that yes, it probably was my downstairs neighbors stomping around.  The thought did cross my mind, "damn, this building must be pretty flimsy if THAT makes the whole building shake." Okay, gonna go read and find a link now.  :-)

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More cool thank-you art

Edith by SarahI meant to post this last week… Sarah (aka Juniper) sent it to me as a continuation of the pictures-as-gmail-thanks theme.  She did it in MS Paint, I think it’s purty.


Alyce and I went and saw the Ben Stiller film Dodgeball last night. John asked me how it was and here was my reply:

It was okay. I don’t regret going, but I probably wouldn’t see it again and would’ve probably see something else if I could do it again, and saved Dodgeball for the DVD. It has its funny moments but on the whole is much dumber and more formulaic than, for example, Zoolander. Oh well!

Jolie Holland

Launchcast turned me on to an artist I’d never heard before that I really really dig.  Jolie Holland.  It’s beautiful country bluesey jazzy stuff.  I have to buy her records now (Catalpa and Escondida), and I highly recommend ’em to y’all as well.  It’s sort of along the lines of Karen Dalton (who I also love) but the singing’s a little more delicate.

WTF Apple?!?

I just talked to AppleCare again, they got the laptop.  They’re telling me there’s been a liquid spillage inside the machine, and therefore any repairs can’t be covered by the warranty.  To my knowledge there has never EVER been any liquid anywhere near this machine.  So I’m completely baffled and pissed.  They’re sending it back, I guess I’ll have to chuck it.  What a fucking bummer!  Could they be mistaken about a thing like this?  I treat my stuff with great care and I reckon I would know if I’d gotten my laptop wet.  I haven’t.  Ugh.

Playing with LaunchCast

I’ve been messing around with the stuff that came with my SBC Yahoo! DSL account.  Launchcast is pretty neat-o, it forced me to turn on my Windows machine, heheh.  Wanna hear my station?  I just set it up, I’m still tweaking the artists and stuff. I like so many kinds of music it’s more a process of elimination than anything… I’ve done a lot of ratings but I’m still catching it playing songs I would *never* wanna hear.  It’s getting better though.  I’ve loaded it up with my own music and other me-related stuff of course. (Recommended by fans of Edith Frost: "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service.  OK, whatever!)

Man, I wish I could be a real DJ.  This isn’t the same thing at all, but it is fun to play with.

iTMS here I come

I have some really great news.  Soon… I’m not sure exactly how soon, but within the next couple of months for sure… all my recordings are going to be available as downloads from the iTunes Music Store.  Including two that have been out of print for years — the Edith Frost 4-song EP and the Ancestors single.  I think most if not all of the Drag City catalog is gonna be up there.  I’ll let y’all know when it happens, I’m very excited about this!!

The Hecker Family – Jesus I Love You

The Hecker Family(Downloaded from here)

216 Standard Colors

I’m rediscovering the ancient voodoo known as bookmarklets. Drag the following link to your toolbar to have an always-available chart of browser-safe colors with their corresponding hex codes. Neato!

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AMC state of the union

At this time I would like to give my formal appraisal of the current state of affairs on the soap opera All My Children.  My history of watching the show is as follows: I watched a little in the late 80s, and stopped.  Watched for about two years in the early nineties, and stopped again.  Started watching again a year and a half ago, and talked about it on my blog at the end of January ’03.  This was after getting TiVo, and I haven’t missed an episode since unless it was pre-empted by war coverage or whatever.

So!  I will try to be brief.  Any show with so many characters and so many plotlines going on at once is bound to have some plots that are more interesting than others, some actors that are more talented than others, dumb characters and meatier roles as well.  I think they do very well on the whole so none of the following should be construed as criticism towards the show… I’m just giving my two cents!

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Yay, I broke it!

So!  My old iBook is all fuckered up again, whoo-hoo!  Just like I promised, I put it through its paces trying to get it to mess up before the AppleCare protection runs out next March.  And I’m very very good at what I do.  (grin) Well, I wasn’t doing anything outlandish, just running it daily and using iTunes, listening for thunking noises and stuff like that.  It was running just fine for several days, but yesterday it froze up a couple of times again — same as before, overheating for no reason, freezing up and requiring a cold reboot.  I did hear one more thunk from the hard drive, or maybe it was more like a sharp "DINK!" So after a couple of these reboots, it gave me a blank off-white screen and nothing else, wouldn’t start at all.

(As you can probably tell already, this is going to be another one of those techie rants that will only be interesting to Rob J and maybe two or three other Mac geeks out there.  Feel free to continue, but I can’t guarantee your eyes won’t glaze over if you’re not one of those people.)

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I really like Josh.  Who’s Josh?

i'm enid
Which Ghost World character are you?
Take the test at Accentuate The Negative

(Thanks Zeb!)

Ray Charles, Logan’s Run and the custody kid

(The following links go to the Chicago Tribune, which stupidly requires registration. I highly recommend BugMeNot to get around that.)

* I really hate to see Ray Charles go, sorry it took me so long to mention that.  As you’d probably guess, I’m a fan of his countrypolitan-type stuff especially, but just everything he did was magnificent.  What a character too… he drank, he swore, he cheated at cards. A cool cat indeed.  He’ll be missed.

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