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Jim White – Drill a Hole

Jim White Drill a Hole"Drill a Hole In That Substrate and Tell Me What You See" by Jim White.  Not to be confused with my Jim White, the drummer from the Dirty Three!  THIS Jim makes solo records and they’re great.  You’ll really dig him if you’re a fan of Lambchop, Vic Chesnutt, Calexico and other sleepy meanderey country-hued indie folkie space cadets.

Filtering the journal stuff

I’m trying to tidy up my categories a bit.  Made a new one one for Journal entries, I’ve been meaning to do that forever.  This way I can differentiate between stuff I posted directly to the web and stuff I posted after the fact.  I’m still working on figuring out which posts are which, but I’m getting there.  Lotta tour-diary action in there, and stuff I wrote during time-periods when I wasn’t blabbing my ass off on the web. Man, it’s been awhile hasn’t it.  It’s a trip to read some of the really old stuff.  Like, it cracks em up that seven years ago I was all angst-ridden about the idea of keeping an online journal.  Found the first real blog entry too, and the first time I realized I wasn’t alone, and way later, the first time I heard the word "blog".

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The gift that keeps on givin’

tiny skatingTonya made me this cool picture as a thank-you for the gift of Gmail.  Which I never would’ve gotten if it weren’t for my own gift of music. So what’s the protocol here?  Do I need to give the picture to the guy who gave me Gmail, or can I keep it?  ;-)

TiVo ups the ante

I got my TiVo a year and a half ago, and wouldn’t dream of living without it, even now that I don’t have cable.  At first I wasn’t too excited about what they called Home Media Option — that was an add-on package that gave you the ability to pipe music and photos from your computer to the TV via the network, plus multi-room viewing and remote scheduling via the web.  Well, a month ago they turned on free access to the HMO features for everyone — I thought it was just a promo to sell the thing, but as it turns out they’re adding all those features to the basic service.  How cool, because I’m actually hooked on it now!  It’s a great way to stream music from my laptop to the big speakers without having to use my iRock radio tuner thingy.  I don’t know why I preferred using the iRock a year ago, it doesn’t sound nearly as good as streaming audio.

Spreading the G-love

Today (=yesterday) I got my first batch of invites for Gmail. What fun!  Sorry but I promptly gave ’em all away to three of muh geeks.  Strictly on the basis of the plaintiveness of their begging, and/or how beholden I felt towards them based on tech questions answered, etc. etc.  ;-) I hope the G-lords will replenish my supply soon, and/or hurry up and open this baby to the public!  No, just give me the invites, because it makes me feel soooo much cooler and more special to bestow them upon those who are worthy.  I’d be passing ’em out like candy if they’d give me a neverending supply!  That could really help boost my popularity too, so it would be a win/win situation for all involved.  I just hope They are listening.

More futzing

I finally integrated the past shows list into my blog.  I’ve been meaning to do that for like two years!  Just makes things easier to keep as much content as possible in ExpressionEngine, so I can use my current style sheets and banners and all that.  It didn’t take me nearly as long as I thought it would, thanks to magic of cut’n’paste and the fact that (a) I haven’t played that many shows in my life, and (b) I tend to work with the same people over and over, at the same venues.  Man, I need to set up another show, it’s been almost a year.  I haven’t even broken out my new guitar onstage!

Ma Colere

Go over here and watch the video for "Ma Colere" by the French artist Francoiz Breut.  Love that song!

Cartoon me

Alyce made me these cool avatars.  Aren’t they neato?  She has such the talent for it.

Longhair Edith
Edith at the fairground

One more done

I’ve been working on a new tune this weekend ("What’s the Use"), did a very rough demo today.  One track guitar, one track keys and three vocals.  I think I’ve done all the damage I can do, I wanna move on to something else now musicwise.  Tried to make an MP3 so Rian could hear it, but it came out all hissy and horrible-sounding.  Well, he’ll get the idea… the source tracks aren’t hissy at all, so hopefully I can make a better MP3 later.  I think I need a new cord to go between the 8-track and the iMic.  It’s a retarded way to make MP3s but it’s the best I can do right now.

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Firefox redux

I’m trying out the Firefox browser on OS X again… last time was almost a year ago, when it was still called Firebird.  The OS X version was so buggy at that time I couldn’t stick with it, but for the life of me I can’t remember what problems I had.  Wish I’d been a little more forthcoming in my blog post about it so I could see if they’ve fixed whatever it was that I found lacking.  Haven’t noticed any defects in 0.8, but I have an unusual talent for unearthing bugs, so it’s probably just a matter of time.

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Gmail is a spammer’s dream

Why do I say that?  Because it seems like everyone who has an account — including me, I might add! — is so proud of it they’re splashing their new address on their webpage, in newsgroups, in comments on other blogs, or wherever else they can think of.  A search for "" brings up 67,000 results!  I mean, it might not be so bad if Gmail were a little better at identifying spam… I’m sure it’ll improve significantly by the time it goes out of beta, but for now it pretty much blows.  Well… it catches about 3/4 of my spam, but that’s terrible compared to the 98% rate I was getting from Death2Spam.  Man, I can’t wait until they give us a way to pull in mail from outside servers so I can make use of D2S again.  Even if Google does get on the ball spamwise, they’re going to have a pretty hard time beating a success rate like that.

She left the house again

I hung out with some real live human beings today, and they weren’t wearing name tags!  Met Alyce and Chad and Jennie at Selmarie, we sat around for awhile drinking coffees and eating tasty treats.  Well, except for me — I had just eaten lunch and for some reason I wasn’t feelin’ the sweet tooth, I couldn’t even tolerate one bite of chocolatey goodness.  But I had a nice tall glass of very refreshing iced tea — have I mentioned that I’m from Texas?  It was good to see the kids again, especially since it was outside the usual environs of a rock club with all its noise and distraction.

Funny thing… every single one of us pulled out and showed each other our respective Queen Bee accessories.  Us girls just had the big wallets, but CHAD had a journal thingy as well, so he won that contest.

This ain’t no zen garden

I think I would rather dine on vomit-burgers topped with human hairballs, than have to try to debug why my stylesheet is fucking up in Internet Explorer for Mac.

That is all.

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