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Movie movie movie party movie

That’s what my calendar looks like for the past two weeks, it’s crazy.  I’m lovin’ it though, I’m having so much fun.  So yeah, happy belated Halloween!  I had my holiday fun on Saturday, I met up with Eric Z. and his pal Geoff and went to a bar close to my house called Silvie’s.  We saw some bands that were dressed up like other bands: INXS, the Faces, the Traveling Wilburys, the Smiths, Creedence and maybe one or two others I’m forgetting.  It was good times and I ran into a few other people I vaguely knew as well, like Todd from U.S. Maple; Edward Burch; and Alex, a guy who drummed with Archer on one tour I did way back when with him and Sam.  So yeah, I knew some people and therefore had fun even though I didn’t make the effort to dress up like a cowgirl like I was maybe gonna do.  I chickened out, basically.  Without the toy guns it just wasn’t gonna work.

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I’m a calendar girl

photo collage by Phineas…well, kind of.  A calendar does exist which has my image on one of its pages… it’s not really a picture of me, and it’s not exactly cheesecake material but we all know I’m a total sexbomb so why go around flaunting it?  ;-) Thanks to Phineas at no commercial potential for the lovely artwork, and Jim at empty-handed for the heads-up.  Jim has a much better explanation for all this than I do, by the way.

Millennium Park

Pictures from my first trip to Millennium Park in Chicago…

Cloud Gateman and facePritzker Pavilion

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Get out and vote on Tuesday

Have y’all seen Eminem’s new video Mosh? Check it out, it’s really good.  Thanks to Braden for the link.

Millennium Park

Photo by Eric ZiegenhagenPhoto by Eric Ziegenhagen

Pitchfork review

Pitchfork Magazine just published a nice review of my free Demos release…

Saturday Night Live (NOT!)

I saw Ashlee Simpson crash and burn live the other night on SNL, and TiVo’ed it too.  Having no life, it was pretty much the highlight of my Saturday, I couldn’t stop talking about it yesterday to whomever would listen!  Thought she’d do a hoe-down indeed.  Well, I think I’m over the novelty of it now but you know, you just don’t see enough of that stuff on TV these days.  It’s the kind of thing SNL was really made for: to surprise and shock you, to make you laugh and make a mockery of the establishment.  Too bad it wasn’t intentional!  It was one of those beautiful zen moments where the whole fabric of our plastic manufactured corporate pablum-pukin’ reality is torn aside and we get to see the man behind the curtain… the Truth.  Such a beautiful thing.  I loved it, and I can’t feel sorry for our poor little poptart princess.  She’s making bajillions of dollars doing whatever it is she does, and if she isn’t being paid to show us her real talent, she might as well earn her money some other way!  By suffering through the disdain that such a massive screwup will surely generate for the rest of her… career.  I just wish all her 12-year old fans could’ve stayed up late enough to witness that shit!!

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Catching up

I’ve been taking a break from blogging, just keeping to myself, it’s been nice.  But it’s getting ridiculous, a whole week without saying a word?  It’s too quiet, even Matthew’s complaining.  I do the IM thing with him every damn day so if he feels outta the loop, that’s bad!  I just dig having a private life.  I like the fact that people who know me, people who are making the effort to keep in touch (or I’m keeping in touch with them) actually know more about my goings-on than the voyeurs, the lurkers who are following me on paper.  That’s always the case anyway since what I write about just scratches the surface of what’s going on in my life and in my head.  I need to encourage real human contact, I need real-life friends and I think the blog makes people lazy.  Makes me lazy too.  But I don’t want to just abandon the blog, so here I am.  Whatever!

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Willard Grant Conspiracy – Sticky

Glitterhouse is giving away an MP3 of a Willard Grant Conspiracy track I did backups on, called "Sticky".  It appears on a new best-of compilation called There But For The Grace Of God — this version of "Sticky" sounds like the version that appeared on the Color of the Sun EP, which was an alternate take of the one on the album Mojave — but the timing is different from either of those versions so I dunno, maybe this is an alternate-alternate.  I’ll ask Robert the next time I catch him on IM.

(Thanks to Craig at Songs:Illinois for the heads-up!)

Good news

note on my windshieldI found this note under my windshield wiper today… I guess it must have been there on Friday night and I just didn’t notice until now.  I was feeling pretty blah so it kinda brightened my day.  :-) I think God oughta send me more of these notes, and while He’s at it ask me out, like maybe to the movies or roller skating.  Unless God is Sarah being a prankster, in which case the latter choice will be fine.  Heheh.

Happy week ending

I had so much fun playing with Jolie tonight… man oh man.  I’m so happy I got to do that!!  I really needed a night like that, ‘cuz I had such a fucked-up week, I mean really fucked in a not good way.  Things happened which cannot be blogged about, in one case because it would make an upsetting situation even worse than it already is, and in another case because I have to respect someone’s privacy.  I think everything’s resolved now though, at least I hope so.  And there was the cat thing too, I already talked about that — it made me feel really bad to round ’em up like that, but on the other hand four kitties are hopefully gonna be warm this winter and I’m pretty sure that was the right thing to do.  I know it was.

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Schuba’s Tavern (Chicago, IL)

Jolie Holland upstairs at SchubasMe and Sean Hayes opening for Jolie Holland @ Schuba’s Tavern
3159 N Southport, Chicago, IL 60657

Gmail kicks even more ass

Gmail just unveiled some much-needed new features:  a Drafts folder, mail forwarding, and an expanded contacts section.  I have five invites at the moment.  Beg me!

Animal refuse, I mean rescue

Me and Sarah "rescued" two wild kittens tonight (=last night) and took them to the shelter.  John came over and helped us round them up and got himself totally fuckin’ scratched up in the process.  There’s one more kitten that got away, and we could never get the mama cat either, but we got two of the three kittens.  But it’s breaking my heart anyway; two kittens got torn away from their mama.  Who is outside as we speak, crying.  She’s a half-domesticated cat who was abandoned by the former tenant of the building next door. A lady who lives in my building across from my back door, through some completely misguided sense of doing the right thing, has been putting out food for these cats, so they’ve been basically living at my back door for the past few weeks.  I talked to her and no, she had no plans to adopt them or anything.  We had a freeze warning tonight, I called Sarah and told her about this, and… what can I say.  UGH, I feel awful.  Even though I know we did the right thing, it’s an awful thing to do.  And there’s one kitten and an unneutered mama-cat still out there.  Ugh.  Why me?  Why?  Why?  Why can’t I just look past these things, move along and mind my own business?  Let wild cats be wild cats?

Sarah sure is a good friend though, jeez.  And John too.  Who else would have helped me with a crazy-ass situation like that?  Hello, will y’all come over right now and help me herd some cats that aren’t even mine?  Sure, why not.

UGH.  I can’t sleep…

Rock for Kids 2 tracklist

Time to post the tracklist for the Rock for Kids CD I made last month.  (Here’s the one from last year if you’re curious.)

Thanks again to Clay Colt for bidding on this and donating to such a great cause.

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