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Hot baths

This is a new thing for me.  I was always a shower gal but now I’m all about the long hot soak in the bathtub, complete with bubbles and foams and gels and washcloth and rubber ducky.  What could be more relaxing?  How is it that it took me forty years to learn to appreciate this simple decadence?

Lazy weekend

Me and Sarah D. went skating last night — finally!  ‘cuz we’d been putting it off for awhile.  Eric came along too.  Yes, he can skate!  Or more importantly, he will skate.  So that was lots of fun.  Other than that my weekend was pretty lazy.  We stayed up real late on Friday at the Hideout and went to the Hollywood afterwards with Nell and Geoff and Sarah G.  Saturday we lollygagged around for a long time and then had lunch/dinner at Chipotle.  I’m not much of a burrito gal but that was really good so I’ll make an exception for that place.  Sunday, skating.  And now back to work!

Eric at the Hideout

Eric Ziegenhagen playing on Friday evening at the Hideout in Chicago

New demo

I finished another new tune thank god.  It had been way too long since the last one.  This one is called Emergency, I think, for lack of a better title.  I’m not sure if it’s really done, I think it’s more or less done, but if I can come up with a little variation on some stuff I’m repeating, maybe I’ll redo it.  It’s done for now though.  It’s a real sad song, it’s all hurt and confused and just wrong-headed, which is really not where my head is at THIS week, heheh.  I guess it makes sense if you take into account that I was totally on the rag when I was feeling what I was feeling when I wrote that crap down.  Sigh.  Yeah, it’s all wack emotionally and factually, but at least I got a half-decent song out of it.  I’m glad.  It’s been bugging me for awhile so now I can move along and work on something else, something even better hopefully.  :-)

Me and Eric

Me and Eric Ziegenhagen last night at the Jolie Holland show at Schuba’s.  There’s a nice article about him in this week’s Chicago Reader… it’s in section one, which doesn’t get published online, so you’ll need to grab a hard copy if you want to see it.  Might as well pick it up at his CD release show at 6:30 tomorrow night at the Hideout!  :-)

What’s fer supper paw?

Omigod, there’s a frickin’ possum on my back stairs!!  I’ve never seen one in these-here parts.  Rabbits, yes, but possum?  Ugh!!



The personal touch

Sure has been snowy around here!  We got a whole foot of snow over the weekend… I haven’t even left the neighborhood, just been mindin’ my own business, or trying to.  Not always easy, heheh!  Not in this world of instant communication via e-mail, telephone and IM.  Screw that, man, it’s better to talk to people in person if you ask me.  Too bad it’s so much easier said than done, but we try.

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Happy belated anniversary to me

I just realized that I can finally say with confidence that I’ve been publishing my own website for OVER TEN YEARS now.  Because I started at some point in 1994, around September I believe.  Isn’t that wild?  Seems like a lot longer, in a way.

Okay, move along, I just wanted to share that fun fact with you.  I mean I never claimed I was going to publish anything SMART or USEFUL or thought-provoking for ten years straight, it’s pretty much all drivel.  But hey!  Ten years of it!

Productivity of sorts

It might not seem like it judging from the state of this blog, but I’ve been getting some stuff done.  Or at least I’ve been working on getting my head back into the right place to get some stuff done, haven’t I?  Are the holidays really over?  Ahem.  Yes.  Anyway.

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A couple of Eric’s songs just got posted to Songs:Illinois, go check ’em out!

My blog can’t keep up with me

I wish I could come up with a better way to get my thoughts up here, it’s so much of a chore.  It needs to be more like a little notepad where I can jot a bunch of things down real quick instead of creating these humongous catching-up posts where I’m trying to summarize a whole week or two.  Bitch bitch bitch!!

Speaking of notepads, have you heard about the latest craze?  The low-tech hipster PDA, just a bunch of index cards held together with a binder clip.  I love that, it really appeals to my love of list-making and my fetish for office supplies.  It also leaves me lusting over fancier things like a Levenger pocket briefcase and a little Moleskine notebook for writing down my song-snippets.  I love using my Treo for contact management — I have so many of those it really is a space-saver, but for note-taking, the Treo doesn’t really work too well for me.  I like to have notes and to-do lists right in front of my face, not hidden away in a program on my phone that I might never open for weeks!

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I joined a what?

Okay, so I sold my soul to the devil and joined a goddamn gym!!!  I can’t believe it but I did!  And now if I get any other gals to join up in the next 30 days (it’s a women’s-only club) I’ll get 3 months for free!  After the 30 days are up I’ll get a month free for every gal who joins.  So who wants to join?  It’s only twenty bucks a month, and no signup fee.  You have to commit to 2 years membership to get that price but for that kinda money, it’s a pretty good deal.  They have multiple locations around Chicago too.  So if you’re interested, gimme a holler.

All salesmanship aside, I’m really psyched I joined.  This gal Rachel was the one who turned me on to the club — she did me a huge favor just mentioning it, and I hope I can turn other gals on to it just like she did.

That reminds me of some Blowfly lyrics which may inspire you, crack you up or piss you off, I’m not sure which! …: In and out and out and in / you’ll never be the same again / workin’ out is where it’s at / your body’s slim but yer pussy’s fat! / That’s what I like!  Make my lips… smack! / In and out and out and in… etc. etc. etc.


Happy New Year 2005!

I had the nicest most relaxing most low-key holiday ever!  Well, I got a little homesick on Christmas Eve ‘cuz I couldn’t be with my folks down in Texas.  But oh well, everyone was scattered all over the damn state so it just wasn’t feasible.  I’ll be seeing them pretty soon anyway, or at least I know I’m going down in March for SXSW, if I don’t see them before then.  YES you heard me!!  I’m playing SXSW for the first time, whoo-hoo!!  My agent Derek hooked me up with that gig, bless his heart.  I don’t know exactly when or where I’m playing yet, but I know I’m on the roster and that’s very exciting.

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