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Good news and bad news

I saw my doctor today.  I’m not quite sure how I’m going to explain this shit, or even if I’m going to on my blog.  If I explained it, I would have to spend at least an hour composing the entry and right now I’m just too sick and exhausted to do that.  But suffice it to say that yeah, I am one very sick gal right now and the flu ain’t the half of it.  It’s those new symptoms that I mentioned before, well, they are NASTY and vile and… now I’ve been diagnosed and it’s no joke, I am in a whole world of hurt right now.  But like I said I don’t want to go into all that here and now, I just can’t.  What I can say is that my doctor (who is an angel) started me on some serious drugs, and let’s just hope they do their job and get me through this dreadfulness as quickly as possible.  There’s no telling how long it’ll take for me to improve though, it could take a week or it could be another month or even longer.  Needless to say I have some pretty major PLANS coming up in the next few weeks?  So if you’re one of the people involved in those plans in any way, cross your fingers for me that I get better ASAP and can continue as scheduled.

Eric’s back in town, he came over tonight and it was soooo good to see him!  He brought me some more supplies — paper cups so I won’t have to wash glasses all the time.  And a protein shake and some jugs of Propel and some Green Machine vitamin drinks.  I love him so much.  We hung out watching TV a bit, it was really nice.

Back to bed…

Day twenty-fucking-seven

I’ve been really sick again since Thursday or Friday.  Same old symptoms as before plus a few new ones too.  It’s way past time to get my ass to the doctor, I know, I waited too long but I’m making an appointment first thing in the morning and I hope I can be seen right away.  And oh man, I really hope it helps, I need to get better and pronto!!

I want to thank Eric for taking care of me on Friday, and Sarah for making the run to Walgreen’s for me last night, and John for running to get me Gatorade and chicken soup this afternoon.  Eric’s out of town for the weekend or I would’ve made him do it, heheh.  But anyway, John and Sarah live just a few blocks away… but still.  I really can’t thank ’em enough for helping me out when I can’t hardly do nothin’ for myself.  I totally owe them bigtime.

Back to bed for me.  I’ve never been this sick for this long in my whole damn life!!

I stole a giraffe

I dreamed that I dreamed I was helping a giraffe get out of a bad situation.  When I woke up (in the dream) I realized I hadn’t really "helped" the giraffe, I’d simply taken it away from its home at the zoo.  I knew I’d done a bad thing but I didn’t know how to make it right without getting in big trouble with the police and the zoo people.  So there I was, on the lam with this awesome young giraffe.  I had him on one of those long retractable leashes — he wasn’t much taller than I was, and was quite friendly, docile and intelligent.  I loved him.

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Among other things


Cold Busters do the trick

I had a good weekend, I’m feeling quite a bit better than I was last time I blogged.  That ear infection sucked but it finally dried out and stopped making zipper-noises every time I opened my mouth.  Now the only way you’d know I was sick is that I’m still somewhat congested and my throat is pretty raggedy.  I’m trying to take care of it, by staying quiet and keeping it moist drinking liquids all the time.  It’s scary, I need to get my singing voice back into shape as soon as possible ‘cuz I have rehearsals coming up for SXSW.  That suddenly seems just around the corner.  I’m supposed to maybe record with Kelly and Nora too, but I don’t even know if that’s happening.

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Merz, of course!  Duh!

Day sixteen or so of this GOT-damn flu that won’t go away.  Eric and I were joking about how there must be somebody out there who really hates me, who made up a voodoo doll of me.  They’re sittin’ there somewhere shaking pepper on it all day long, to keep me sneezing.  And they put a gag on it so when the real Edith tries to talk, nothing comes out.  It’s one of my old exes no doubt, or one of his exes, or both.  Or maybe a rival singer-songwriter, you think?  A secret nemesis?  Heh!  They wouldn’t even need to try that hard, I’m so damn slow and lazy it’s not like I’m much competition to anybody even when I do have a voice that works.  (Not to be seriously self-deprecating; of course I know I’ve got a certain talent at doing that musical whatever-it-is thing that I do.  I’m just real slow at doing it, aren’t I.)

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Still sick and froggy-throated

You’d better stop reading right now if you don’t want to hear about my stupid medical problems.  But damn, I’ve been feeling so crappy.  Eric brought me a thermometer the other night (Happy Valentine’s honey!  heheh) and sure enough I’ve been running a low-grade fever.  Yesterday I was going between 100 and 102 all day — I just woke up and it seems to be back to normal, or even a little low.  So that’s a relief.  I felt like I was in a dream!!  And I’m not even using much medicine other than nasal drops to try to keep my sinuses clear.  I’m only doing that because I started noticing the first signs of an ear infection, the faint clicking when you start to yawn.  And I’ve had them often enough in my life, I’ve learned that the first way to avoid them is to not let myself get too stuffed up for too long.  If I get an ear infection that’s it, I have to get on antibiotics, and I just hate them.  But the clicking’s gone now so maybe… please… I have to be getting better.  Sorry to keep whining about this but I don’t have health insurance, I don’t have extra money, I have places to go and people to see and things to do.  I can’t be sick!!

Eat me

dirty hoWhatsa matta, didn’t you get any sweets from your sweetie for Valentines?  Well have some of my leftovers from last year, I’ve still got plenty.

SXSW confirms

Finally got a bit of info up here about the two appearances I’ll be making at SXSW; look at the sidebar to your right for more info.  Eric and I are going to be traveling there together and playing a few shows on the way down; 3 out of 4 of those shows have been confirmed and are posted here as well.

Eric and I are having a Valentine’s dinner in a little bit, but my voice is totally gone again.  Ugh.  It’s been two weeks of this voice-no-voice shit… I want to get better!!  I want my voice back!!  Please let me have my voice back, please?

Plays and more plays

Museum of Contemporary ArtEric and I have been seeing lots of plays lately!  Last night we went to the opening night of Heiner Müller’s Quartet, a Court Theatre production staged downtown at the Museum of Contemporary Art (pictured on your left).  It was pretty weird, but good!  We also saw a play on Friday, Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt at the Artistic Home.  Last night’s play had a cast of two and an audience of 300; Friday’s had a cast of twelve for an audience of 30!!  That was pretty intense, and me and Eric were in the front row too.  It was about 2 hours and 45 minutes… whew!  But from what people have said, I guess it could’ve been a lot longer; they’d edited the thing down quite a bit.  I’m really glad I got to see those plays; they’re both classics.

Happy Lincoln’s Birthday!

At the 5th annual Lincoln’s Birthday breakfast at the Lincoln on Lincoln (in the land of Lincoln)…

Sheila and HowardGary Schepers
Sheila Sachs; Howard Greynolds; Gary Schepers

Sarah DandellesLaura
Sarah Dandelles; Laura (dunno her last name)

R.I.P. Nick

I just found out that someone passed away, much too suddenly and too too young: Nick Kilroy, the owner of gabba / POD, one of the MP3-blogs that I’m subscribed to in Bloglines.  An overdose.  Shit.  I never even said thanks for the music.  I didn’t even know his name before today.  :-(

There’s a tribute to him on Pitchfork

And you can check out his really beautiful photography over at Zabriskie Point

Slow recovery

I’m feeling a lot better than I was a week ago when I caught the flu, but the fact is I’m still sick and it’s pissing me off!!! My voice is coming and going whenever it wants, like it owns the place.  I’m stopped up all the time.  I can’t sleep ‘cuz of the cough.  AND IT SUCKS!!!  But I’m not really sick enough to stay home and lay in bed all day; in fact I tend to feel a lot better if I move around.  So I am.  Today I went back to the gym for the first time since 2/1.  I couldn’t do the full workout I was doing before, but almost… half hour on the TrekMill, ~20 minutes on the weight machines and 10 minutes (instead of 30) on the elliptical.  After that my body just said "fuck this shit! let’s go home, now!!" So I did.  Ugh.  But at least I went and got some exercise, even if I wasn’t going at full throttle.

I still have forty-someodd Gmail invites to give away… DAMMIT!!  it’s back up to fifty!  Why don’t they just open the damn thing to the public?

I’m a Flickr fool

I just sprung for a two-year Flickr pro membership.  I don’t know what possessed me, it’s just such a cool toy I had to have it, and they tempted me by telling me I’d save a bunch of money if I bought it now while it’s still in beta.  Okay, so now I’m committed to it and I have to use it, by god!  And I will.  It goes along with the general philosophy about data-keeping that I’ve held for the past few years.  Namely that I should keep everything I can online (and only backed up locally) in case of hard drive failures etc.  Which seem to happen to me so often it’s not even funny, whereas the last time an online service failed me was years and years ago, when an old ISP I had suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth.  But of course I had a local backup of my website so I didn’t lose much, if anything.

Anyway, I may have linked this stuff already, and I’m going to eventually put these into the sidebar, but for now allow me to point you towards my photos page and my Flickr profile.  Feel free to add me as a contact or whatever it is y’all do around there.  I’m so new at this I’m not sure!  The only pictures I’ve uploaded so far are my ILLEGAL photos of the Cloud Gate sculpture in Millenium Park… what a crockashit that is.

Gmail giveaway

I have 49 Gmail invites to give away.  If you’d like one, please leave a comment using your real e-mail addy in the slot (it won’t be shown here, I promise!).  And give me your name as well, or at least the first & last name you want to use for Gmail purposes.

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