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BBQ, a new chair, and what’s next

I had a really nice Memorial Day.  There was a Drag City barbecue at Zach’s & Dan K’s (they live upstairs/downstairs from each other).  Whole lotta fun.  I spent most of the time playing with the dogs like I always do at barbecues… getting my hands shredded by puppy-bites is totally my idea of a good time.  :-) Me and Eric played badminton for awhile too, with Bettina from Thrill Jockey and Liz from Town and Country.  Eric was talking to Rian’s girlfriend (fiance!) Lisa, it turns out they both spent their early years in Burnsville, MN and even went to the same elementary school.  Not at the same time, but still, that’s a small world for ya.

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San Quentin

I was going through a box and ran across a letter I got when I was seventeen, from the late great Quentin Crisp.  Wow.

I’ve Changed My Ways

Ive Changed My WaysMy demo version of Walk on the Fire got included on a Mundane Sounds MP3 sampler called I’ve Changed My Ways: The Mundane Sounds New Music Sampler, Volume Four.  The MP3s will be available for a limited time, so download ’em while you can!  My song, however, is the same version that will always be freely downloadable on my Comfort Stand Demos album.

Day two

I went back to Mark Greenberg’s to record last night — in case I forgot to mention it before, we’re doing the basic tracks in his studio Mayfair, and we’ll finish it up and do the mixing towards the end of June at North Branch.  Anyway… last night was just me and him plus Rian Murphy being the producer bossman.  We re-listened to the tracks we’d done on Monday; Mark had added a lot of miscellaneous parts on keyboard, accordion, organ etc.  It all sounded really nice.  Some of the keyboard parts seemed like they might butt up against some harmony vocals I was planning to do, so I went ahead and laid down some scratch harmonies so any future noodlers will know where not to tread.  Then Mark did some drumming on a few songs.  Then I did more guitar stuff.  A LOT of it!!  I guess this record will have more of my own guitar work than any other one has — I mean I always play guitar, but I don’t usually record multiple tracks with multiple guitars like I’m doing now.  Should be interesting, they definitely got me to do some stuff I’d never tried before and certainly hadn’t practiced.  Almost approaching dare-I-say lead guitar type stuff.  Noooo… not really, but still, I’m not used to playing all front-and-center like that.  Eeeek!!

I think the next recording dates are June 6th thru 8th, with Lindsay Anderson (from L’Altra) on keyboards and backups, and Josh Abrams on upright, and maybe another guitarist to do some fancy stuff.  We’re trying to get ahold of somebody I had in mind for that, but if it doesn’t work out, I can think of a couple other people too.

Put it in a Purseket

Check this out, I bought one for my mom for her birthday and one for myself too.  I’m such a bagaholic.  Oh, and you HAVE to watch the video.  Mary Sledd points out that at 1:04 the woman puts a Butterfinger in her Purseket then slams it right into her bag; surely this is not recommended.

Considering EZ

Eric’s song Heat got included in this week’s All Songs Considered: Open Mic on NPR’s website.  Pretty cool…!!

Too stressed

I had kind of a shitty day today due to computer problems.  Things seem to be working again now but man, I’m burnt from staring at the computer screen and driving around looking for a stupid cable.  I was hoping for something halfway recreational happening this evening to get me off this bummer of a day… I had made plans to do something with a friend but the plans got tossed, oh well.  That keeps happening to me, bleh!!

The recording yesterday went well though.  We did basic tracks for seven songs — just me on guitar (electric and acoustic) and Ryan Hembrey on electric bass.  The next day to work on this is Thursday, when I’ll do more guitar on those same songs and who knows what else.  I don’t really want to talk too much about it now though.  Now is a time for gritting my teeth and getting some work done for a change.

Everything works out

I thought tonight (=last night) was gonna end up suckin’ a llama’s dick — I was all ready to be bummed and stressed out ‘cuz it’s the night before I start recording and all.  Poor, poor Edith!!  It’s not the recording so much, it’s that the skating thing didn’t work out and I got a little disappointed about that.  (Because I’m stressed about the recording and I needed a scapegoat for that, so Not Going Skating was the most obvious choice.) But I got back together with Eric again anyway, he broke out some champagne, took me to his rooftop, got me all tipsy and made sure I had a really fun, special night after all.  What a great pal he is!!  Yay.

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The Innocence Mission, and neglecting my shoes

I just listened to an album by the Innocence Mission, a band from Pennsylvania that Eric turned me on to.  Their music is sooo beautiful, I can’t believe I haven’t heard ’em before!  Maybe I just wasn’t ready for it until now, heh.  Y’all should really download the song Tomorrow on the Runway and listen to it, it’ll make your day a little nicer no matter what happens.

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Melody Beattie – Codependent No More

Codependent No MoreI actually bought a stretchy spandex book cover at Walgreen’s so I could read this book on the train without getting all embarrassed.  So in other words I’m perfectly okay with proclaiming that I’ve read this book on my website, where anybody who knows me or doesn’t know me can see and draw any conclusions they want… but I wouldn’t be caught dead letting a stranger see it in my hands on the train.  I wonder if there’s any self-help book that’d cure me of that shit!?

Seriously though, it’s a good book.  It didn’t teach me a whole lot I didn’t already know, but it’s stuff I needed to be reminded of, and it’s good to see it written down in one place.  It’s slightly geared towards partners of alcoholics, which I certainly am not, but I do share a lot of the same personality traits of somebody who is.  I’ve practically made a career out of playing the victim of love, after all!  And there are so many people I know, friends and family, that I really think would benefit from reading this book, I wish I could buy everyone a copy.  It’s got such a good positive message, I think just about anybody could find something in there they’d identify with.

Buy one, purge two

I went on a pilgrimage to Filene’s this morning but went away disappointed, just couldn’t find anything that spoke to me.  So later on I finally paid a visit to the thrift store up the street from me.  I’ve been meaning to go there forever… it’s not as thrift-ey as I would’ve thought, more boutique-y.  Nice stuff though, and pretty decent prices considering all the designer labels.  I only bought one thing, but it’s a goodie: a lovely plain black shirt, 75% silk.  There was no price tag so he gave it to me for $15, not bad!

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The Socialite Artiste

Golly, I love Mary Sledd, she’s just the coolest.  One day I’m going to achieve actual *palship* with her — she’s really Eric’s friend but I so want to steal her for myself.  Though I’m sure he’d be perfectly willing to share.

ICDSoft ups the ante

It’s about time for me to renew my ICDSoft hosting service for this domain and I just noticed something: they’ve increased our bandwidth allowance from 5 to 7 gigs per month, and upped our disk space from 333 megs (I think) to 500.  We also get 2 MySQL databases now instead of one, which is a good thing because I’ve been thinking about playing around with another web tool which involves usage of its own DB.  (I’ll talk about it whenever I get off my ass and actually do it!) Thank you ICDSoft!!  I’ve been with them for three years now and I’ve always been very happy with their service… if you ever need hosting, please give them a look-see and if you join up, be sure and tell them I sent you!  I get three months hosting for free if you do.  Five bucks a month, people… helluva deal…!!

Major geekout

::sob::  I’m so happy with my Mac mini!  So happy.  Before, everything was so screwy but now it’s all about cohesion, elegance and simplicity.  Before, I was using one big desktop PC for home use, but only for file storage, websurfing and occasional picture-resizing, things that required me to use the big monitor.  All my documents, all my data, music files, pictures etc. were stored on my iBook which rests next to the PC.  It’s so bass-ackwards to have this big beautiful monitor but only use it for websurfing.  And to have this honkin’ PC case turned on all the time, draining energy like crazy, when I’m really doing all my work on the iBook, it’s just dumb.  Working on the PC feels gross to me, it feels messy and and kludged-together, whereas working on the mini & iBook combo feels smart and pulled-together.

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Goodbye MS, goodbye!!

I got a little chunk of money from my dearly departed Uncle Dan, bless his heart and may he rest in peace.  If I’m careful I’ll pretty much be able to live off it for the next few months, but before I go back into perma-budget mode, I splurged on something.  I bought a Mac Mini.  :-) The idea is, as soon as I get my data crap moved over, I’m gonna Craigslist (or donate) my old Windows PC and permanently make the switch to all Mac, all the time.  I am so excited about this, I can’t even tell you!  It’s been years since I’ve done anything on the PC that I can’t do on the Mac; all my software investments for the past 3 or 4 years have been for the Mac.  The only reason I’ve kept the PC around is for websurfing, because I really love my Dell flat-panel monitor.  So now I can get rid of the big-ass clunky-ass PC, clear off a whole lotta real estate on my desk, and still use the pretty monitor.  YAY!!!  And I’ll be able to clear out a whole lot of dinosaur software and half-broken hardware laying around my apartment — god, some of it’s ten years old or more.  Good fuckin’ riddance.

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