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Thea Gilmore @ Schuba’s

British singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore last night at Schuba’s

Thea Gilmore at Schubas

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If you’re wondering WTF I’m talking about, is a bookmarks manager I’ve gotten hooked on over the past few weeks… I tried it a year or so ago and couldn’t get the hang of it, but now I’m addicted.  What you do is make a list of bookmarks, flagging them with tags, i.e. chicago and/or restaurants.  "chicago", might include restaurants in Chicago along with anything else you’ve marked with that tag, like Chicago stores, Chicago-related blogs etc.  "restaurants" would show eateries in Chicago and anywhere else.  Or you can do a more advanced search showing bookmarks bearing both those tags.  And if you want you can see everyone else’s bookmarks tagged with chicago + restaurants, not just your own.  Pretty cool eh?  Okay, so I haven’t gotten very far with my own list, but you get the idea!

Me and Blowfly

Edith and Blowfly

Blowfly serenades me… with "Too Fat To Fuck"!  AARGH!!  But… YAY!!  This was on Saturday night at the Abbey.  Photo by some nice audience member who grabbed my camera for me.


Blowfly at the Abbey Pub in Chicago.  This was my 2nd time seeing him.

R.I.P. Michael Dahlquist

Michael Dahlquist, the drummer for Silkworm (a band I played with on my very first out-of-town show) died yesterday in a car crash, along with a couple of other guys (also local musicians) who worked with him at Shure.  They’re talking about it on the Electrical forums.  I didn’t know him hardly at all but he was a dear friend of a dear friend, and I’m just really shocked that one of our own is suddenly gone, just like that.  My deepest condolences to all the friends and loved ones of all three musicians.  :-(

Nicolai Dunger @ Schuba’s

Nicolai Dunger photo by Edith FrostWow, I finally figured out the secret to taking great photos at Schuba’s.  I’m not telling you, it’s a secret!  But isn’t this a great pic?  Well, better than any others I’ve tried to take there, that’s for sure.


TinariwenA little Flickr set I made of the Touareg band Tinariwen, among others, performing at the Old Town School’s Chicago Folk & Roots Festival 2005, this weekend in Welles Park

Time for a new journal

I just finished my first Moleskine… I bought it and started writing in it around the beginning of January, so it took me six months to fill up 192 pages.  I do believe this is the first journal I’ve ever had that I’ve actually used up to the very last page.  If you haven’t heard of these things and are wondering why one particular little notebook would inspire me to fill it up when no others have — and I’m supposedly a WRITER! — you can read some why’s and wherefore’s over here on the 43 Folders site.

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Thinking of you, London


Upgrading to 1.3

My weblogging software ExpressionEngine just got a major upgrade, so I’ve got a long night ahead of me.  It’s going to take an hour just to read the changelog!  I’ll start upgrading my install later this evening — I’ll have to switch off the site temporarily, so you’ll be seeing the skater picture for awhile.  I’ll post a comment to this post when I’m done wiping up the grease in the ol’ engine room.

The dog beach

Sarah and Lois at the dog beach on Wilson

Sarah and Lois at the dog beach