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The reveal

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Its a Game(…) Also on November 15th is the long-awaited and latest from Edith Frost, It’s a Game.  Edith has been too long without a record, but she’s fixed all of that right now with this 13-track newbie, which should keep people happy until she makes another one — which, if there is an Allah after all, won’t take another four years.  But if does, we’ll still have It’s a Game, which finds Edith singing her love and love-less songs in less crowded sound-pictures than she was on Wonder Wonder.  Other than that, nothing’s changed: the songs are still hypnotic, the voice still arresting, the production still pristine and spacious.  It’s a Game is a lovely wander through the emotional wilderness and another great entry from Edith Frost.  Edith’s gearing up to support this record like she hasn’t in — well, four years — and the first step is a show on November 19th at Chicago’s very own Hothouse with a nice little band helping the songs to breathe with the life they so deserve.  Don’t miss this first of chances to welcome Edith back!  They’ll be lots more chances in the coming year, but you didn’t get where you are today by just waiting around, did you?  When the time comes, get Frost!

Just posted all the album info to my discography.  So exciting!  :-)

Canasta album & show

We Were Set UpHeads up, music lovers! Canasta is a great Chicago chamber pop sexy-tet who just got tagged by Songs:Illinois. They’re good pals of mine; they put out an EP last year, and their first album We Were Set Up is coming out in November. It can be pre-ordered now via their website. I did background vocals on the song "Just a Star", and will be attempting to recreate those harmonies at their CD release party at Subterranean on Friday Nov. 18th. (My release party is the next day, you should go to that too!)

Silvie’s Lounge

Silvies LoungePics I took last Thursday at a show by Shelley Short and Eric Ziegenhagen at Silvie’s Lounge in Chicago…

SilviesEric ZiegenhagenEric in greenShelley ShortGeoff BuesingGeoff holding umbrellaSilvie of Silvies LoungeSilvies Lounge front roomSilvie writes

Avast ye barnacles

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Myopic Books (Chicago, IL)

hurricane benefit"Mini Hurricane Relief Effort" at Myopic Books (2nd floor)
1564 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL
With: Hardscrabble, 3rdSunday Stringband
My band: John Hasbrouck (guitar), Jason Toth (drums)

Laura Park, the amazing artist who did the drawings & lettering for my new album, put together this benefit to raise a little money for her coworkers at her day job — the company is based in New Orleans, all those workers had to evacuate.  So this money is going towards helping those particular people until they can return to their jobs in NO.

Edith has suggested an album for you on iTunes

Calling Over TimeCalling Over Time
Edith Frost
Release Date: April 22, 1997
Total Songs: 11
Genre: Folk
Price: $9.99
Copyright 1997 Drag City

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New Orleans photo essay

This photo gallery I found through MeFi is a must-see if you haven’t seen it already. It’s a play-by-play of how it all went down when Katrina struck. First time I’ve seen pictures like this, of the New Orleans I remember, the same streets I’ve driven. I’ll second what Matt Haughey said:

This slideshow is one of the most amazing accounts I’ve seen of the hurricane, before, during, and after. It contains photos from familiar landmarks and areas of the city and shows pretty clearly why people that stayed behind didn’t think it was going to be that bad, and as it progressed, just how bad it would get. When the story gets to the lines awaiting buses you can feel the helplessness of the people left behind.

Looking at these photos knowing what we know now, I can’t help but remember looking through a 9/11/2001 set of photographer’s photos that told a similar story of a major event: calm followed by surprise and confusion and later untold devastation.

Nothing I’ve seen on TV or online comes close to the complete story this gallery of images gives. It’s worth sitting through every caption and following along. Chilling stuff.

Your blog should be blue

blue blogYour blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.
You tend to avoid conflict – you’re more likely to share than rant.
From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?

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On the block: another Rock For Kids mix CD

I just finished making my mix for the annual Rock For Kids auction of mix CDs, to benefit their music education program.  The auction’s being held Thursday the 22nd at the Smart Bar, and out-of-towners can bid by proxy as always (hi Clay!) so follow the link on their website if you’d like to place a bid.

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My very talented painter friend

My pal Davina Pallone, the gal who did the artwork for my Demos album, has a lovely new website up… it’s still under construction but you can take a look at a few of her amazing paintings.  Your web browser cannot really convey the HUGENESS of her work in person but it’s a good start.  :-) It’ll be neat later on when she posts more of her drawings and photos and gallery stuff; girlfriend’s done some pretty ambitious installations.

Good news for a change

Big news in pal-world: John and Martha are getting married!! So are XXXX and XXXX… but I don’t know if that’s public knowledge yet.  But yeah.  Happiness for everyone, congratulations to all.  That’s what it’s all about, people!  Getting ourselves together, getting together and getting things done.  :-)

Downtown death traps

A break from the horrorshow for some regular ol’ city news: they’re starting to close down a few of those godawful highway entrance ramps downtown. (BugMeNot) You know the ones where they expect you to jump onto the Kennedy by diving off a cliff and getting dumped directly onto a curve of the highway with no merge lane, no visibility and a big huge Mack truck zooming towards you at 85 mph?  I’m a pretty hardcore city driver but those things scare me to death, I refuse to use them.

Condi’s shoe shopping

I almost posted something the other day when Bush was out in California playing guitar instead of doing something about the crisis in New Orleans.  But I held my tongue thinking, well, he’s a little slow, he’ll get around to it when he’s good and ready.  But this is ridiculous.  It’s a disgrace.  Yeah I know she’s supposed to deal with foreign policy but come on, this is the worst natural disaster we’ve ever lived through, can’t she at least pretend to pitch in and do whatever she can to help?  Like, say, talking to people in Canada or Mexico who might possibly be in a position to give aid?

We really are on our own here aren’t we.