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Demos and stuff

Songs:Illinois did a post about my new record today… go over there to hear the song "Playmate" with my blessing.  Craig’s a good egg, the kind of blogger who likes to ask permission before posting stuff… I’m not saying everybody’s gonna act that way but I really appreciate the consideration.  So he has the edge… I hooked him up with some giveaways the ordinary joe wouldn’t be able to get his mitts on.  He’s posted my ancient demo version of "Lovin’ You Goodbye", plus a cover-song demo I did with Ryan Hembrey, called "Lula Lee".  It was once part of a country covers album project that never materialized.  Goes along with the two cover songs that appeared at the end of my Demos album, it’s from those same sessions.  Hope you like.  I don’t think he keeps his songs up very long so get over there now while the post is still fresh…

What’s up with Aunt E-dup

So the other day my 2-year old nephew Clark commands his mother to get me on the phone.  Very earnestly tells me "E-dupt!!  Don’t wanna be a man about it!!!" I’m all … "whaaa?" and start laughing.  "I DON’T WANNA BE A MAN ABOUT IT!!" Lucie takes the phone and explains they’d been listening to my new CD in the car, and I guess Clark got a little upset by that one lyric.  He took it to heart.  How adorable is that?  Sure hate to traumatize him but it was too cute.  :-)

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Venus interview

An interview I did with Gretchen Kalwinski a couple of weeks ago just appeared on the Venus website… I guess it’s going in the winter issue?  It’s a good one.  I’m a little hyper aware of the way she smoothed out my words, plucked out the non-sequitors and shuffled around the backwards thoughts so it actually makes sense.  Just edited it for clarity.  I dig that, I would’ve done the same thing if I were transcribing my own interview.  I hate the way I sound on tape…!!  Like, I just sound, just like… omigod!  Soooo retarded.  So that’s cool.  And look how she’s treating me so respectfully regarding the personal stuff.  She doesn’t try to hype up my heartaches, she doesn’t even pull from my blog, just lets me speak for myself with my own fresh up-to-the-minute thoughts.  That’s really good interviewing skillz, dude.  Thank you Gretchen!!

Hothouse (Chicago, IL)

A CD release party for my new album IT’S A GAME, with the Thin Man and Shelley Short

At the Hothouse
31 E. Balbo, Chicago IL 60605
(312) 362-9707

My band: Emmett Kelly (guitar); Lindsay Anderson (piano, keyboards, backup vocals); Ryan Hembrey (bass); Jason Toth (drums)

Canasta – We Were Set Up

CanastaCanasta: We Were Set Up © 2005 (self-released) Preview the album on their audio page
Order here

I sang backups on the song “Just a Star”.

Chicago Tribune article

Full-page article in today’s Trib.  (bugmenot) They quoted both Riyans!  No glaring errors, and very complimentary of the new record, which I so appreciate.  Half of me wants to go out and shake everybody’s hand — I’m a genius!! — and the other half wants to crawl under a rock because it gets so personal.  Arrrrgh!  I’ll try to explain…

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It’s a Game

front cover
back cover
back cover
promo poster
promo poster

Edith Frost: IT’S A GAME
©2005, Drag City #DC301 (LP and CD)
Download the one-sheet
Purchase the CD or LP at Drag City, or get the CD on Amazon
MP3s are available from iTunes and Amazon

Produced by Rian Murphy
Engineered & mixed by Mark Greenberg at Mayfair Recordings and Barry Phipps at North Branch Studio

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10 things I need

New meme at Amanda’s: “Google your name and needs, e.g. ‘Amanda needs’. Then you list the top 10 results.”

Edith needs help
Edith needs her tea Edith needs a Guardianship
Edith needs in her life to sort out the mess that’s been forced upon her
Edith needs outside of the hospital
Edith needs to reclaim that portion of herself that was ripped away over a half century earlier
Edith needs her medicine
Edith needs to pull out of the bucket (without looking) to make sure that she has one matching set
Edith needs some lovin’

Yay, the music

I made a new song, fun fun fun!  It just appeared in my head, I started typing and pluckin’ on the beater guitar and out it came.  :-) I dunno if it’s a keeper, it’s seeming a little too schmaltzy even for me… might have to fuck it up a little more before I attempt a demo.  In my head it sounds like a Skeeter Davis lament, crossed with one of Marais & Miranda‘s nature songs?  Which is why I really need to mess with it some more before I record it.  We’ll see how it turns out; I’m just glad I got it to the first-draft point, where it’s written down and I’m reasonably sure I’ll remember how it goes later.  So if something else magically appears, I’ll be able to get that down too without losing the first one.  Only twelve or so to go, heheh!

Just a Friend, for real

Bleh.  I broke up with Eric today.  I’m sad it didn’t work out between us but not surprised.  Don’t want to talk about the whys and wherefores here, just wanted to get it out there so there’s no confusion and it’ll be as not-a-big-deal as possible for us and all our mutual friends etc.  I think the world of Eric, we’re great friends and he’s a great guy.  We’ve had a lot of excellent times together and I’m pretty sure we can still be good friends and let the fun times continue… only time will tell but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work out that well.  Both of us have a lot of work to do in the coming months and I think I can speak for both of us when I say it’s all good, we gave it the best we could and we’re both better people for having known each other.  I don’t harbor any bad feelings to speak of about Eric, I’m grateful for what we had while it lasted, and I hope we can retain the excellent friendship we’ve enjoyed thus far.  So, not much has changed really, I’m just not going to be dating him anymore, that’s all.  And that’s about all there is to say on that topic!!  No drama here, just the facts.  It’s all good, really.

Frosty calexican ironin’ winos

Hey y’all, I’m back home in Chicago again, totally buzzing about what a great time I had playing with Calexico & Iron and Wine.  It was so, so, SO much fun, I’m so psyched I got to do that!!  I was visiting my folks in Texas the weekend before last when I got the call to do those shows… our booking agents had been talking about it for months but it all came together wham-bam at the last minute.  They needed me to play solo so that’s what I did… not my normal preferred way to play, but I pulled it off pretty well I think!  They flew me down to Tulsa (“I’m too young to marry…”) for the show at Cain’s, and then I rode with them from there to Fort Worth and then to Austin.  Flew black home from there.  They paid me well and bought me those plane tickets and fed me and put me in HO-tels, loaned me a guitar, the whole bit.  See, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!  That’s the life.  I sure don’t get that kinda treatment every day as a musician.  I was joking with Howard (who road-managed) that the very lowest point for me on that tour was when we sat down in a Japanese restaurant and I looked at the menu and said "Huh.  I don’t eat Japanese food that often; I’m not sure what to order…" Yep, that was the worst, heheh.  Such hard times on the road… ;-)

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