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Calf scramble

A cute lil’ video I shot last Saturday at a rodeo in West Yellowstone, Montana…

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Back (for a bit)

Just got back home to Chicago after spending the whole month of June gallivantin’ around the country.  Spent two weeks in San Francisco, then hopped over to San Antonio to pick up my 11-year old nephew Thomas to take him on a trip to Yellowstone with my dad and his wife Joy.  THAT was so much fun, I’ve never done anything like that in my life.  We spent a week or so in Yellowstone, then I took Thomas back to San Antonio and just flew back to Chicago this evening.  I had a BLAST but I am so so so SO tired of all the running around!  It’s not over either; by the time 2006 is done I reckon I will have spent the better part of this year traveling.  We’re in the process of booking another tour in Europe for later in the fall (a make-up tour for the one that got cancelled in May) and I’ll also be going to Australia, hopefully, before the year is through.

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Greetings from San Francisco

Photos by Wil Hendricks

photo by Wil Hendricksphoto 2 by Wil Hendricksphoto 3 by Wil Hendricks

Radio show in SF

I’m going to be playing on KUSF in San Francisco this coming Tuesday the 13th, at about 10:30 or 11am PST.  It’s a show hosted by a certain "dj schmeejay" and I think the whole show runs from 9am to noon.

My pal Wil Hendricks is joining me on upright bass — y’all might know that name from his work in the Lofty Pillars and on various Simon Joyner and Califone records.  Wil scared up an acoustic guitar for me to use, borrowed from a bandmate of his. YAYYYY!!!  I’m excited.  I wasn’t expecting or even wanting to do any shows while I was out here but this’ll be a nice low-key, fun thing to do.