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  • 3rd time @ the Apple Store’s the charm… Genius couldn’t get video happenin’ on my MBP; it is indeed a hardware issue. Off to the shop! #
  • Playing with my old iBook G4. New battery = new lease on life! I was just using it as a printer server but now it’s #1 until MBP comes home. #
  • Got rid of Fetch (circa 2002 version) and switched to Transmit #
  • Drinking coffee and watchin’ my laptop like a hawk! I’ve narrowed down the prob at least, to some sleep/wake issue. Console is my friend. #
  • The screen died on my laptop again… took it in and it’s miraculously cured upon arrival @ Apple Store. Makin’ me a little crazy. #
  • Fuck!! My MacBook Pro’s gotta dead screen. #
  • MacBook magically cured upon the slightest pinky-finger’s touch of my nearest Mac Genius. But still, yay for cloning my drive every day… #
  • Some people… #
  • Saved most of the data off the Maxtor & moved it onto a new HD. Disk Repair fixed Maxtor so I’m using it to clone my laptop w/ SuperDuper #
  • Moving old to-do’s out of Sciral Consistency (abandonware?) to the young and sexy and free iGTD #
  • Praying for the whales #
  • Going through clothes, getting rid of stuff I bought at Domsey’s in like 1993 #
  • Trying to rescue about 100 GB off my old Maxtor external drive, it keeps throwing off errors #
  • Cloning the HD on my laptop #
  • Pet peeve: People wanting me to give them some other musician’s email address #
  • Wow, I was out in the sun all day and my face is red as a beet. I gotta be more careful ’bout this livin’ in California shit… #

Me & Wil

click for larger imageMe and Wil Hendricks at the Café Du Nord on Tuesday.  Photo by Han Wang.

  • What should I eat? #

Café Du Nord (San Francisco, CA)

Cafe du Nord posterPart of the Mission Creek Music Festival, with Willard Grant Conspiracy, Spider, Coal Beautiere
At Café du Nord
2170 Market St., San Francisco CA 94114

My band: Wil Hendricks (electric guitar)

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