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  • Yearning for a 1Passwd plugin for my shiny new pocket-phone. And Bluetooth sync, and keyboard support. Other than that I love love love it! #
  • Some little kid just called my iPhone and said “Hello, Mom?” i wonder what mom’s old number I got? #
  • Mama and Lilly are jealous of my iPhone; Daddy is not. Polar opposite of what I’d normally expect to hear re: family ‘n’ gadgets. #
  • First twitter from the iPhone! God this keyboard is annoying, like learning Graffiti on a Palm… #
  • It’s June 29th! :-D #
  • In line @ the El Cerrito Plaza AT&T store. I’m #23 or something, there’s 3 behind me. #
  • I’m lucky number 18!!! #
  • Starby’s is giving out mini frapps to linesitters #
  • A Dunbar armored vehicle just pulled up!! #
  • I GOT IT #
  • iPhone works great, I have all-bars coverage inside my house. Note to Verizon: HA HA I TOLD YOU SO, SEE YAAAAAA!! Wouldn’t wanna beee ya!! #
  • Searching for the word “iphone” in the Podcasts tab of the iTunes Music Store causes it to ask “Did you mean ladone?” #
  • Had fun shooting the shit w/ the 3 guys in line for an iPhone at my local AT&T store. They say they’re saving me a spot. Hee! They are not. #
  • Added a “Photos” link on my top navbar. It’s not lining up right with the others; must rewrite the whole thing to get it to sit straight. #
  • Making little template-modules outta my code-mess. Added Twitter timeline, removed blue pic & put teeny pic in page header. Getting there! #
  • I have achieved a 3-column layout! Still using tables for now though. Later on I’ll be making a discography picture-cluster thingy. #
  • $59.99 for 450 minutes AND UNLIMITED DATA!! ::pant pant:: #
  • Playing with the Twitter Timeline plugin for ExpressionEngine. Gonna cache that shit on my own server. #
  • Me and Jodie have the same birthday! Weird. #
  • Another day, another EE build to upload (not that I have to) #
  • grooming my categories, gathering my links #
  • Getting rid of the bugly sidebar on some of my inner pages #
  • Wow, the copyright at the bottom of my website still said “(c) 1995-2004 Edith Frost”! I gotta dig into these templates a lil’ more often. #
  • Playing with my EE templates using Coda’s live preview and a tricky little htaccess URL rewrite #
  • The CSS tutorial @ uses a 3-column layout made with TABLES. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’… #
  • You can write songs and do sudoku at the same time, I have found. Not crosswords though. #
  • Aw, they closed the Giant Drop @ Great America in Gurnee, lest it chop someone’s feet off. That ride scares the crap outta me, it’s the best #
  • On a harmony joy Emery-go-round ride #
  • Wowsers. My label Drag City is dumping Caroline as distributor, piping everything through Revolver & Carrot Top now. Caroline is sooo dead. #
  • Brushing up on my CSS for the bazillionth time #

Sick of it

Hi friends!  I know, it’s been almost a year since I moved to California and I’ve barely posted anything in my blog other than show announcements and other self-promotion.  Truth is I’m sick of my website, I want to wreck it and start over with a different layout.  I want to make it less confusing and more user-friendly for first-time visitors.  I want to simplify the front page, make my basic info and discography a lot more front-n-center, and provide more-noticeable links to my pages at MySpace, Drag City etc.  I want to move the messy blog stuff to its own set of sub-pages so I won’t feel like I’m cluttering everything up with my drivel.  I want to figure out a way to better integrate all the content I’m making elsewhere on the web — Flickr photos, Twitter postings, links etc.  So this is what’s going through my head in regards to my website.  Sick of it!!

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  • Lotta bird action in the backyard. Twittering for reals. #
  • A certain web browser I just registered is now under suspicion of borking up my templates in EE. I’m either wrong or I’m very disappointed. #
  • Saving all my EE templates as files on the server so I can play around with live editing in Coda. #
  • About to totally miss Merlin Mann’s OmniFocus demo, too wrapped up in futzing with EE templates. I was gonna try to give him a CD too! Nerd. #
  • Camped out on EE’s doorstep for 24 hrs now. It’s “imminent” again though. #
  • I got the new EE! Yay!! #
  • backing up my blog db #
  • Upgraded to EE 1.6! Hope nobody gets errors. #
  • Excitedly waiting in line @ for version 1.6 #
  • Uninstalling the Office Test Drive that came with my MBP. Begone with ya! #
  • Uploaded the last of my 10-year archive of mail to Gmail. Save a handful lost to corruption, it’s all there. That is such a beautiful thing. #
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