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  • Apologies to RSS subscribers if you’re getting multiple copies of my "updated" (not) posts. I’m tweaking my feed, gotta get it just right. #
  • Three guesses what I’m about to do to this plugin: #
  • p.s. I didn’t mean it THAT way, perv! :-P #
  • I whipped up my own randomized lyrics plugin. You don’t want it though! Nobody would want it but me, and even I don’t really want it. #
  • rsizr – intelligent image resizing
  • Ugh. htaccess and mod_rewrite are straining my brain something awful. I need to get better at regex, I shoulda had that down cold years ago. #
  • It may be dawning on me that the Twitter plugin I’m using is generating funky dates. Need to roll my own, but that’s a huge can’o’worms. #
  • I just blew my occasional allowance for luxuriousness. It’s a Levenger Circa Zip Folio, size compact, in eggplant. Yay! Can’t wait for UPS. #
  • F’book says (with a broken-heart icon) that a friend went from being "in a relationship" to "single". Am I to post condolences on his wall? #
  • How To Add WordPress 2.3 Tags To Your Current Theme
  • mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet
  • Goodbye (to the Chicago Reader production staff)
  • My Cup #
  • Nice. I just performed some monkey business on .htaccess, to redirect my crufty ol’ URLs to the proper new pages. And I didn’t bork it up. #
  • Well then! I guess I’ve just dispensed with the www in my url. .htaccess is truly truly outrageous! #
  • Huh. iPhone is no longer offering to delete a video after I’ve watched it. I liked that feature, I want it back. #
  • I am almost incapable of typing the word "edit" without an h on the end. Even "edition" sometime comes out as "edithion". #
  • I Am Married to the Berlin Wall (via WFMU)
  • Shit! I tried to upgrade my iPhone and it threw up. Put me in recovery mode. I wonder why? #
  • Having to fix brokeass markup in a WP plugin I’m using. Were these people born in a barn? Do they not validate? Oh btw thanks for the plugin #
  • I’m in the iPhone music store, and oh so very pleased with myself. #
  • I am LOVING the tagging in WP 2.3. I tag all this other shit – my Flickr, Gmail,, iPhoto – so why not? #
  • My old RSS feed URL is prettier now, it’s being redirected. Main one is now at Still working on its layout. #
  • BUM LEG (by Joe Pernice)
  • Zit-zapping MP3 player you rub on your face (via Boing Boing)
  • We’re down to the emergency coffee. Tastes like pond water but at least it’s coffee. #
  • I had to reset my Twitter icon & (default) design, just like @zeldman was talking about. Weird. #
  • OK, I admit I’m moving my site to WP, I’m almost ready to flip the switch. Still love EE tho, and happy to endorse it. It’s… just because. #
  • Aw man, I just ran a gnarly MySQL query on my blog db, only barely knowing what I’m doing. Amazingly enough it appears I did not fuck it up. #
  • Ohhhh I think I’m just about to go live with the new WP blog #
  • I’m buzzing and shaking! Been working too too hard on this. Oh and it’s gone live btw, for better or for worse. Gotta dig into htaccess now. #
  • @xenijardin: once I was recording at the same time as CT (different rooms) and I got to place my hand upon the case of the 4-neck guitar… #
  • WordPress › Blog Tool and Weblog Platform
  • WordPress › Extend › Plugins
  • Twitter Tools plugin and WordPress 2.3
  • Advanced Tag Entry WordPress Plugin
  • WordPress Widget Wizardry

Moved to WordPress

I’ve changed blogging platforms, from the very great and unimpeachable ExpressionEngine to the also-great and more popular (probably because it’s free) WordPress. Some things are broken at the moment, like the old RSS feeds. And there are some features missing that are probably going to stay missing, like the old membership system. I’ll get the links working again soon at any rate. Well, hope you like it! I sure am having fun playing with it. I’m going to start including daily Twitter digests in my blog so it won’t be so quiet around here. (And you can post comments to them as well, unlike on Twitter.) Anyone can comment, and once you get a comment approved you’ll be unmoderated from there on out. (Provided you behave yourself. ;-)

  • I got 51 songs on the new Amazon MP3. :-) #
  • Messing with a patched-up version of WP while the bf visits with a friend. Lotta other ppl had the same lockout problem, I hope it’s fixed! #
  • Kinda glad I never unlocked or jailbrunked my iPhone. Had a few ringtones erased w/ the last update, but otherwise I’m 100% clean, yes sir! #
  • Playing with the 2.3 RC1 version of WP. Stupid thing keeps locking me out saying I don’t have cookies enabled. On any computer. Such BS! #
  • If a museum’s site for kids uses my CC-licensed picture, should I be pissed? I’m credited, but is that commercial use? No, right? #
  • Me & Jenn are going to the circus! I am made up and beskirted. #
  • Had my head buried in WP all day. I’ve learned how to import posts w/ underscored slugs, & how to do category images. Also: I like widgets. #
  • I have a Google "Shared Stuff" page? Huh. #
  • Being thoroughly confused by video codecs, but my pal Jeff Economy’s trying to sort me out #
  • Uploading the Old Town School video to my Virb. I couldn’t reencode my way out of a paper bag, so thanks Jeff!! #
  • @phineas:  Welly-well-well!  I guess you can unfriend me now.  :-P  #
  • I tried to upload a video to MySpace for the first… and last time. Fuck that shit. Virb is where it’s at!! #

Kennett Brothers “Easy to Love”

Here’s a nicely done cover of one of my tunes, sung by my pal Edward Burch, with an outfit called the Kennett Brothers.  Check it out, they even did the barbershop thing at the end.  :-)

  • Uploading my Demos album to Virb. I forgot I could do that. :-) Virb is nice, I wish more people would show up. #
  • I have crazy-hair today, and a bandaid on my chin #
  • Vet extracts toy lizard from real lizard: #
  • Listening to Edward Burch covering "Easy To Love". It’s very surreal, like I just unearthed an early version with the vocals at half-speed. #
  • p.s. MP3’s on the web if you wanna hear it… #
  • Oh YAY, somebody finally commented on the new migraine-aura forum. Relieved. I think it’ll work out, & we’ll get hella pageviews at Google. #
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