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  • On our way to Santa Cruz. Wheee!! #
  • Had a blast wandering around Santa Cruz today. (Santa Cruz, fyi, is a party town.) Uploading some pics to Flickr in a little bit. #
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  • MacArthur BART stationMacArthur BART station

Roth Motors 2000XR Motorboard

  • My scooter is here!!! Waiting for it to charge up. It’s sooo beautiful. #
  • Scooter’s maiden voyage a success! I looked pretty stupid but did not have to call Wil to get a ride to the hospital. Got the hang of it now. #

Dynamic Drive: Gradient Image Maker

Hex-to-RGB Conversion

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  • I changed my site from fixed-width to stretchy. Yay!! I think it’s much nicer. But lemme know if you notice anything screwy with the layout. #
  • Can one use a network adapter to hook up a USB all-in-one printer to do scanning over an Airport network? I’m thinking thousands have tried. #

Breakfast at Jodie’s

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Tags for Bags

Travel Bag Tags & other Bag Tags


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Styles in Google Docs

Twitter Twerp Scan

  • In Firefox 3.0b5, if I drop a .webloc URL into a blank window it takes me to some random place in my recent history. WTH #
  • Wil & I saw “No Direction Home” over the past 2 nights. I’d seen it and it made me mad all over again at the press & vicious so-called fans. #
  • Getting an occasional white page in Gmail when chat is on. Is it b/c people are trying to IM me from the website badge? They never do, so… #
  • Not exactly proud to say I’m no longer sporting the very last unpimped profile on MySpace. They sure don’t make it easy on ya. #

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