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  • Crap, the trick-or-treaters are out already! IT’S NOT EVEN 3:30 PM #

Actual socks

Pretty pretty. And waaaarm. And squooooooshy!! My very first, and consequently very favorite pair of hand knitted socks.

There are a few flaws in my knitting that I’m well aware of, which I’m not going to discuss here. (Any more.) Experienced sock knitters may notice those flaws right away just looking at this picture… I’d appreciate it if they’d just shut it, for now, and notice the things that aren’t screwy-looking. And praise my mad newbie sockmaking skillz.

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  • I think my ears are getting bigger. Seriously, wth #
  • p.s. Don’t worry, there were also musicians! Friends with whom I’ve worked. Worlds collide, musicians start playing, knitters bolt. Oh well. #
  • Went to knitting at the Ivy last night. Group leader was sweet. The others huddled in a circle. Felt like an intruder so I stayed @ the bar. #
  • Hung out w/ old pal Davina the painter. She’s all about fiber arts now & made a human knitting machine! Holy crap. #

Dish cloth #5

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EZ practice hat #2

My new beanie

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  • Mama’s emailing me photos of sweaters she knitted in the 60s & 70s. It’s making my head spin, I had no idea. I think I need to go lay down. #
  • @sledd Is Red Meat playing? Tell them hi for me! #

EZ practice hat

Yay, I learned two-color knitting!

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  • Okay America I want you to go home, go to your room and spend the weekend thinking very carefully about what you’ve done. No supper for you. #

Pea hat

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  • Why do I sign all my emails with just “E.”? When did I start doing that and why? Looks a bit odd, just E-period on its own line… #
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