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Knitter’s graph paper

HEE! It’s the Drag City logo. I don’t know what I’m doing, or what I’m doing WITH it yet, but I seem to be doing it!

links for 2008-12-10

  • How do they make those catalog photos of puffed-out clothes with invisible people in them? That wigs me out. #
  • I missed out on getting my free Macworld Expo pass. Plumb forgot and now it’s too late. I can’t even buy it w/ early bird pricing! ::sob:: #
  • @Slice: I like the word “burrizza” better #
  • Going on a girly lunch date w/ MNBF @ Article Pract. Want to bring her a present but I’ve got no merch laying around! Bah. #
  • (If you’re hacking up TwitterTools and wanna do testing to make sure it works, pretend you’re just being chatty. Oh hey, look over there!) #
  • The internets are overwhelming, I’ve barely done any knitting the past couple days. WP 2.7 is so nice I think I might start blogging again. #
  • Installed a cute lil’ audio player plugin for WordPress. Can’t believe I didn’t find a way to do that before. I was making people DOWNLOAD. #
  • OMG Christina Stork from Article Pract is a big fan of my music and didn’t know I’m a knitter. HELLO MY NEW BEST FRIEND #
  • Running WordPress 2.7 RC1, tweeting from dashboard w/ Twitter Tools. Too bad I overwrote the plugin and broke the styling changes I’d made. #
  • I’m only the seventh Edith in Google! Isn’t that special. #
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