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  • NO you may not buy even more yarn just because you’re knitting larger things, & this yarn is the same dyelot as some yarn you already have!! #
  • We’re catsitting an ol’ geezer named Henry. He just sleeps a lot, and grudgingly accepts his 2 pills a day. Nothing is any big deal to him. #
  • Got my 2nd and final (for now) crown. Stash of Tylenol 3s coming in handy. Reward for being good was… more yarn! For my Feb. Lady Sweater. #
  • Way to spoil the party California. Prop 8 must be overturned, it’s a disgrace. (url via @curryfavor) #
  • Illegal fireworks over Albany CA! The people are screaming WOOOO. #
  • Trying to get local results, inputting my zipcode w/out thinking, I put 60625. Ha ha. Yeah I’m pretty homesick at the moment, but happy. :-) #
  • This is the greatest day in history I can think of in my lifetime. President Obama, our President for reals. I totally cried, did you cry? #
  • God DAMN I wish I was in Grant Park right now. #
  • Voted YES to Obama, “hell no” to idiotic Prop 8. Can’t wait for tonight! #
  • I’m so excited and really a little scared about tomorrow. Scared that we’re overconfident, that we’ll assume victory. Please don’t. Go vote. #
  • Just to get this said: I’m voting for Barack Obama for President, and I urge everyone to get out there and vote too (for whomever you want). #
  • It would seem that I lost a buncha weight sitting around knitting and not doing Wii Fit. :-) I’m smoking less too, ‘cuz I need both hands! #
  • Crap, the trick-or-treaters are out already! IT’S NOT EVEN 3:30 PM #

Actual socks

Pretty pretty. And waaaarm. And squooooooshy!! My very first, and consequently very favorite pair of hand knitted socks.

There are a few flaws in my knitting that I’m well aware of, which I’m not going to discuss here. (Any more.) Experienced sock knitters may notice those flaws right away just looking at this picture… I’d appreciate it if they’d just shut it, for now, and notice the things that aren’t screwy-looking. And praise my mad newbie sockmaking skillz.

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  • I think my ears are getting bigger. Seriously, wth #
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