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  • @rosebrier: It didn’t start out knotted! Let’s just say I still need to learn the ol’ “when you’re in a hole, stop digging” thing. #
  • @amandaruzin: Half the ball is ok but the rest rolled under the bed and got all filthy. It was ruined already, felted from picking at knots. #
  • Spent approx. 10 hours trying to unravel a tangled skein of the most gorgeous & expensive alpaca yarn I ever bought. In the trash now. :sob: #

Dishcloth #15

Ballband DishclothYet another one using the Ballband Dishcloth pattern. I’m done now. :-)

  • @rosebrier @teapotgirl New menu = new development which must be investigated, wouldn’t you agree? #
  • Breakfast @ Mama’s on Washington Square. Carlos Santana was there when we came in, then disappeared out the back door. Brush with greatness! #
  • A Craigslister bought our Ikea dresser, but didn’t measure their car first! They’re taking it apart in the driveway now. The dresser I mean. #
  • I got my new iMac!!! YAY!!! I got the smaller version (21.5″) with the 1TB drive. Now I have to clean off my desk and get everything ready! #
  • Saw a group of touristey straphangers getting out to help push a stalled taxi out of the way of their cable car. Success. Applause. #
  • None of the Apple Stores around here have any of the new stuff. Won’t be shipped for another week or so, or “we really don’t know”. BOOOO!! #
  • Lovely dinner at Luella. Back at home, my laptop sounds like it’s gnawing on itself. Apple please have some good news for me in the morning? #
  • @abmatic: That’s cold-blooded. Like the time my tour van got broken into while we were playing, they took my favorite pjs & dirty clothes. #
  • My MacBook Pro hard drive is grinding louder and louder these days. AppleCare’s good til March, but I still want a new iMac! Hurry up Apple. #

Dishcloths #’s 12 & 13

Dishcloth #13Dishcloth #12

Using the Ballband Dishcloth pattern… same yarn, but with the colors reversed.

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