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  • I’m HOME in SF! Lucie’s doing well. So great to see her, the boys, John & Lilly, Mama, Daddy & Joy. I’m soo tired. Trying not to get a cold. #
  • I gave Lucie the infinity scarf I just finished. Might be the prettiest thing I’ve made – & I’m thrilled that she’s thrilled to get it. :-) #
  • My mom saw me puffing on my e-cig, got all wigged out and left the building. She thinks it’s a druggie thing, not a lifesaver. Huge sigh. #
  • Lucie got sprung from the hospital, we’re back at her house! Oh, happy Thanksgiving!!! #
  • Knitting in Lucie’s hospital room in San Antonio. It’s not the Hotsy Totsy — no drinking, but there is Dancing With The Stars to watch. #
  • Pretty crazed, getting ready for Texas. I’m bringing more yarn than clothes! You have no idea how hard I’ve thought about the yarn & needles #
  • I’ve decided to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS so I can run GV Mobile. Yup, that’s the only reason. Apple makes it a huge PITA to use Google Voice. #
  • Trip called off due to surgery postponement, then “never mind, we’re doing it after all!” Lucky we hadn’t gotten around to cancelling my tix #

Mayor Newsom & Frank Chu turn on the lights

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom on Market St., shortly after the ceremony where they turn on the Christmas lights.

Frank ChuFrank Chu, San Francisco’s most dedicated & eccentric protester

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  • Stumbled onto a ceremony this evening: the turning on of the Christmas lights on Market St. Mayor Newsom was posing with ballerinas. Random! #
  • Looks like I’m going to Texas next week. Lucie’s having surgery… everything should be fine but she’ll be needing a hand for a few days. #
  • Kickin’ it at the Ivy Room hootenanny… rumor has it it may be the last one? I hope not! #
  • A cable car just passed by with a marching band onboard, playing their horns and pumpin’ their pom-poms. Did somebody win a game somewhere? #
  • Circus night… Gerald’s in town and coming to the show! Yay! #
  • @abmatic: Knock ’em dead! Just make sure they can hear your vocals over the guitar, you’ll do great. ;-) #
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