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  • 1st workout today w/ trainer. Stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down. I am a fatass, and weak as a kitten. Wanna be strong like bull! #
  • Just signed up at my neighborhood gym! Prepaid for 10 personal trainer sessions. Excited, but full of trepidation over impending punishment. #

SF City Hall

  • I got declined for health insurance a few years ago for stupid reasons. So can I get it now? Or if not now, when? Need it right fucking now. #

U.N. Plaza fountain & a mural

Happy eyeball

  • Don’t suppose I’ll ever run out of super embarrassing fun facts about myself to admit to when I’m tipsy at knit night… :-| #
  • @karrie: thank you so much. I spent all day thinking knitting was tomorrow, but I very much want to knit today. heheh. #
  • Oh my. Tons of knitting-book pdf’s on FilesTube. Not that I’d ever… I’m just sayin’. #

Making wontons

At U-Lee on Hyde & Jackson in San Francisco

Halloween on Solano Ave.

Kool-Aid boy at k2tog

More mini marauders…

Checking the loot Candy girl Death has no face

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