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Kitchen towel

Put into immediate use!

  • @teapotgirl: Lucie (oldest of the younger sisters) sent me a “cozy cuff throw” from BB&B. I’m just going to call it a Slankie. It’s WARM. #
  • @abmatic: I too have broken out the long johns, and I do not care! Not knitting tonight btw… shouldn’t be drinking, recovering from cold etc #
  • (Also saw Califone show @ Great American. Brief chatting w/ Ryan Hembrey, & Becker. Doesn’t seem like news compared to the new baby tho!) #
  • OMG… I was just hanging out with my friends Karl & Sally, & afterwards Sally went into labor and the baby’s just born! WELCOME WESLEY!!!!! #

Valery hat

A super-quick knit from the book “Hip Knit Hats” by Cathy Carron. There are still a bunch of ends to weave in, stuffed up inside the crown. And I did the bind-off too tight, so it’ll leave a line on my forehead… oh well. Beauty is pain. :-)

  • Left my debit card at Imagiknit like three days ago, and only found out today when I needed to use it at Atelier. Another yarn store. ha ha. #
  • OMG… Playing with ChromiumOS booting off an SD card on my EeePC 901. It’s like night and day compared to Xandros, which is all but useless. #
  • @teapotgirl: I get delivery from there sometimes, it’s not half bad! #
  • @LSPogo: Layna you spelled “dyslexia” wrong. Baaahaha! I’m sorry, I’m horrible. #
  • @rosebrier: I really want to go knitting but I guess it’d be a bad idea since I can barely croak out a “hello!” Bleh. I should take it easy. #
  • Just spotted my first authentic San Francisco child-on-a-leash! #

Lucie’s Infinity Scarf

Made from a free pattern at tentenknits. It took me a month to knit, and our lovely model / lucky recipient is my sister Lucie Frost.

Lucie in her new scarf Infinity Scarf Infinity scarf (detail) Infinity scarf

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