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  • In attempting to tame the Google Reader beast, I’ve tried lots of helper apps for iPad. @riverofnews is the only one that gives me hope. #
  • Girl upstairs has been yell-yakking on the phone and clopping around for hours. Woke me up at 7:30am. Thanks, neighbor! Theighbor. #

My We Rule kingdom

My We Rule kingdom
So I’m kind of a fan (for now) of We Rule, a game for iPad and iPhone. I’m always moving stuff around in my kingdom. The little houses don’t generate much income so I’m going to get rid of those at some point. I’ll probably sell off the moat too, or rearrange it somehow. It’s dumb. The whole game is dumb, but you keep playing… ::shrug::

Tailor shop clerksRuby groves in We Rule
Tailor-shop clerks running around like little cucarachas in my west realm, and a bunch of ruby groves in the south.

(My username is "edithfrost" if you want to buy some candles or somethin’.)

  • Threw my back out. No stairs today, just puttering around & bending at the knee, not bending over. Sitting only on good office chair. Ahh #

Haas-Lilienthal House

Gorgeous. I didn’t go in for the tour, but one day I will.

  • Roomba’s moppity friend Scooba hard at work in our living room. I’m a whole lot better at maintaining robots than I am at housecleaning. #
  • @jackhonky: Ugh. Crazy is right. Sorry Irvin. That made me mad when I saw it but ultimately you just gotta feel sad for a guy like that, eh? #
  • @Walslacker: dang! thank you! #
  • Deleted my Virb account… it’s all-paid now, and it’s not worth the $ for me to have yet another profile out there. Kinda sad. I liked Virb. #
  • Dudes, I’m just sitting here pickin’ giant wads of hair out from around my Roomba’s wheels, ‘cuz I’m a baller! #
  • Roomba is here & charging! It’s going to need a colonic after that first pass over our floors. #
  • My Roomba is out for delivery. I WANT MY ROOMBA! #
  • Doing the 3-day trial. Seems promising. I want everything in the cloud like ten years ago. #putdotio #
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