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  • @stringbot LOL… I just installed and was about to complain that the scrolling is all bass-ackwards! Very well then, I’ll leave it alone. #
  • LaDiDa for iOS. Sing into it, it autotunes & generates music. And I give you “Easy to Love Reverse Karaoke” #
  • @honeyvale @kathleend @rosebrier Once I brought a garbage bag full of acrylic yarn to knit night. And basically abandoned it. ;-) #
  • @eatthelove Ha… if YOU have time! Definitely. :-) #
  • Yesterday was a huge mindblower, learning how to use midi over wifi. I got it working in a bunch of other apps too. I get it now. Holy shit. #
  • @eatthelove Meanie. And it’s not true! Those words tell you everything you need to know about them, and nothing about you. #
  • Now I got midi wifi working with another app, SoundPrism Pro! Another great tool for someone who sucks at playing keys. Oh no, not me. ;-) #
  • @stringbot I take that back, EasyConnect is something else. Polychord connects thru the network using Audio Midi Setup. So maybe I can…? #
  • @stringbot Polychord uses WiFi!! Through a driver called uh… EasyConnectAudio. Polychord-only? dunno #
  • @duskynick Hard to say, I need to write ~12 more songs first. ;-) I scrapped my old workflow tho, want to learn new ways. (like post-1982!) #
  • OH MY GOD I am playing iPad Polychord but the sounds are coming out of Garageband on my computer! It’s MIDI!! I want my lollypop, right now. #
  • I have no idea what game people are tweeting about, but hooray!! Good for Japan. I’m immersed in old-school Japanese tech right this minute. #
  • Trying to record analog out of the QY100 minijack is ridiculous. I simply must learn to use MIDI (again). I’ve been avoiding it for decades. #
  • Getting more proficient fooling with Tenori TNR-1 and other grid-based apps. Like anything you keep playing & it starts to make more sense. #
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