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  • Can anyone translate this Japanese for me? Any care instructions? It’s from a gorgeous furoshiki I picked up in Jtown. #
  • @tombihn I did and I’m so excited! Will need to basically live out of that thing for a month or so while I get moved to PDX later this fall. #
  • I had a fit last night and turned in all my birthday money to @TomBihn. I got an Aeronaut!! Plus lots of uhh, let’s call them accessories. #
  • 2nd attempt to post this old (but good) article about the laws behind the DOJ raid on Gibson: #
  • Royalties earned!! RT @davedoughman call me evil, but if you break my heart, i am going to do my best to write a song that will make you cry #
  • Working on iMac again. It came back with Snow Leopard instead of Lion, but I’m not complaining! New 1TB HD = AppleCare just paid for itself. #
  • Ustream! I get it now. Go look at all the Hurricane Irene coverage. I don’t have cable TV for CNN but they’re taking care of that right now. #
  • @NekoCase But I thought YOU were making it look easy. It’s not easy? Shit. #
  • Be safe, people of the east. Will be following your tweets, let us know you’re ok! #
  • So it looks like musicians can’t tour internationally anymore w/ wooden instruments. I’m serious. I play a Gibson 335. #
  • NOOooo!!! @Reuters FLASH: Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple #
  • My iMac is in the hands of the kind & gracious Apple Store geniusizzes. I’m working now on my *other* wheezer, a 2007 MBP. Battery’s kaput. #
  • Earthquake! Earthquake! I didn’t feel it. #
  • Apparently my iMac HD is failing? Moving stuff onto Drobo before it croaks. Have to take it to Apple Store, BLEH! Glad I still have the box. #
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