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  • Hippo Hardware rocks!! Got myself into a real Lucille Ball-style pickle over a shower rack, they totally sorted me out. #
  • @KathleenD @hoganhere Bah. But thanks for letting me vent, anyway… I guess I’m done bitchin’ about it for now, heh. #
  • @hoganhere @KathleenD And they never would’ve found out, I paid cash & it WAS off the books. So that’s what I get for being honest. Booooo!! #
  • Still chaps my ass that Kaiser declined my appeal. I had 2 counseling sessions for VERY good reason; they call that a history of depression! #
  • I’ve been adding stuff to iTunes Match, I really dig it. Starting from scratch making a fresh clean db since I have waaay too much music. #
  • @stringbot Was more bizarre then than it would be now w/ internet small-world factor. Houston made more sense than other cities, but still… #
  • @stringbot I was at that show in Houston in ’86! Was kinda a fan, lived in Austin and couldn’t friggin’ believe he was doing that in TEXAS. #
  • Oregon has approved my application for health insurance! I do really appreciate how it’s taking responsibility for the cold it gave me. :-) #
  • @Phineas I should’ve thought of that joke, dammit. #
  • The cold went to my throat and my throat’s so pissed off, it’s trying to strangle me or somethin’. Please don’t kill me yet, Oregon germs!! #
  • Now that Thanksgiving’s over and I’m halfway unpacked, I can finally kick back and work on a good headcold. What a luxury! #
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you’re all warm and wearing dry socks. #
  • Unpacking. It’s like opening a hundred Christmas presents! #
  • My stuff is here, I am officially moved in and I love my new place!! Just give me a year or two to get unpacked. #
  • In that limbo between move-out and move-in… should be this weekend if the truck’s not delayed. Almost there, just gotta stick the landing! #
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