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  • (I only notice it when I’m doing laundry and fluffin’ everything up… so it’s probably also me and my clothes that stink.) #
  • I’m not supposed to smoke in this apt, and I’m NOT… but I could swear it smells like cigs in here! Everything must be stinky from SF smoking #
  • Wait, seriously, no sales tax in Oregon? #
  • Hey. Laurie Freelove released a perfectly good album called “50 Words for Snow” like 20 years ago. #
  • @KathleenD My fashion victory for the week is that I got my hair into a braid yesterday! Yes, 3 links is technically a braid. #
  • It’s 30 degrees. Don’t laugh at me, Chicago… I have to stand out there to smoke, it’s uncomfy! But I brought out Chewbacca. My old parka :-) #
  • Fuck yeah, a fresh pair of Blundstones! No more mud-puddles entering thru my mesh-top sneakers, forcing multiple daily sock-changings. #
  • @KathleenD Is it a hair fountain? Wearing a skirt like a poncho? Tell us!! #
  • I keep dragging in my mp3-albums and only a few of them are getting matched by iTunes! 20K uploads isn’t gonna go very far in this house. #
  • Hippo Hardware rocks!! Got myself into a real Lucille Ball-style pickle over a shower rack, they totally sorted me out. #
  • @KathleenD @hoganhere Bah. But thanks for letting me vent, anyway… I guess I’m done bitchin’ about it for now, heh. #
  • @hoganhere @KathleenD And they never would’ve found out, I paid cash & it WAS off the books. So that’s what I get for being honest. Booooo!! #
  • Still chaps my ass that Kaiser declined my appeal. I had 2 counseling sessions for VERY good reason; they call that a history of depression! #
  • I’ve been adding stuff to iTunes Match, I really dig it. Starting from scratch making a fresh clean db since I have waaay too much music. #
  • @stringbot Was more bizarre then than it would be now w/ internet small-world factor. Houston made more sense than other cities, but still… #
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