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David earns endorsement deal with Fernandes Guitars

ROCK GOD!! David Obuchowski, my music partner in Distant Correspondent, just snapped up an endorsement deal with Fernandes Guitars. Super cool! Check it out.

RokRiot interview

The very first Distant Correspondent interview is now posted at RokRiot! David was serious; I was quite silly. Turned out great, like chocolate & peanut butter! Have a read.

HEY COOL, I joined a BAND!!!!!

So yeah, my website’s still totally borked-up? The Twitter-sucker-inner anyway. But I have huge news!! Best news ever!! I joined, or rather barged into a band called Distant Correspondent. We’re working fast & furious on some crazy-cool songs, some written by me & the rest written by our GLORIOUS LEADER, one David Obuchowski (GAWD I STILL have to double-check that name EVERY time!). He has a band called Goes Cube and this is his — I mean OUR new project, which is not to imply anything about other projects but OH HELL I just know this is the real shit. So WATCH THIS SPACE! I MEAN NO!! Follow me on Twitter @edithfrost until I can get this site back in order. And of course follow Distant Correspondent @distantcorr for FRESH HOT FROST!! Sooner we can get it cooked up and served out to all of you, the better IMO. YAY? YAY? YAY!!!!!


My stupid Twitter slurper plugin is broken & I’ve been too lazy to fix it. Please, if your finger’s not tired of clicking around, go here.

  • @smartyboots @RachaelHerron I freakin’ love dispatchers!! Kinda like a little boy loves trucks. #
  • @RachaelHerron @smartyboots OH RIGHT I remember you now! Somebody hipped me to you like a year ago. B/c I’m a dispatching fan & I also knit. #
  • I have a special weakness for 2 Broke Girls. It’s supposed to be Williamsburg, ha. They actually gave a lesson in hair-flipping in this ep!! #
  • @smartyboots If you taped those triangles closed, the whole paper would pooch outward and you’d shriek AHA! That’s where a hip would go!! #
  • @smartyboots Need to think of words that end in “im” so I can make that joke equal opportunity. Theorem? I hardly know him! #
  • @smartyboots In the pic, that’s front & back skirt shapes — flat side is to be laid on fold, so you’re only seeing ½ a skirt here. #
  • @smartyboots @yarnagogo It’s just like paper dolls. Instead of cutting expensive fabric you fool around with paper shapes. #
  • @smartyboots @yarnagogo …and it’s NOT on tissue paper, so you can cut it & tape it up & fool with it till the cows come home. Sloper! #
  • @tceraulo I start seeing dead people if they tell me they’re sorry. #
  • @smartyboots @yarnagogo …but you can play around with where the darts go, play w/ shape etc. (That was screencap from a Peggy Sagers vid.) #
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