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  • @smartyboots @yarnagogo Okey doke, I’m subbed now. If that’s what you mean by “friends” ;-) #
  • @peoplesrev @UrbanOutfitters (animated gif of me eating popcorn) #
  • On my thrice-nightly SMOKE OF SHAME, one of the nice neighbors from the other day came by and guess what? Bummed a cig. Imagine my delight! #
  • Made it out of the first level in Super Hexagon! I’m 32 seconds into “Hexagoner” now. #
  • @sorenmost You’re semi active here! There are more ppl I’m forgetting — here & inactive, or just not here. Blocking that from my thoughts. #
  • @lindaray64 I’ll just openly whine about it until they grudgingly show up here again. ;-) #
  • About the only thing I use Siri for is “wake me up in an hour.” #
  • @KathleenD At least I don’t tip over. I should put a star on my head. #
  • @swatymyers Next line is something about toddlin’ down the road #
  • Trying to make a wearable garment, any wearable garment? But all I ever make is muslins. Because I’m shaped like a fucking Christmas tree. #
  • I should find something better to get all indignant about. #
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