Hi there, thanks for visiting. My name’s Edith Frost (yes, my given name) and I’m a singer-songwriter. I’m from San Antonio and live here again now, but I’ve lived all over the placeā€¦ Austin (1970-73); Guadalajara (1973-79); Austin again (1979-81); San Antonio again (1981-82); Austin again (1982-90); Brooklyn (1990-96); Chicago (1996-2006); Albany, CA (2006-2009); San Francisco (2009-2011) and Portland OR for about 5 minutes. Yeah I’ve moved around a lot. :-\

I’ve been playing music since I was a kid, and started writing songs and recording in my late teens. I didn’t play music in public until the early ’90s though, when I lived in Brooklyn. I started out playing classic-country cover songs with my friend Jeff Ragsdale… we formed a band called the Marfa Lights, and played a lot at a bar in Williamsburg called the Ship’s Mast. Met a gal from Houston there named Deborah Moore, and we started another thing called the Holler Sisters, playing oldtimey girly-duet songs. THEN in ’93 I joined a rockabilly band (the Tailfins, which morphed into Edith & her Roadhouse Romeos), so at that point I was in three bands at once. I was also working on my original songs at the time, and decided I ought to send a few tapes out to see if a record label might be interested. Heard back from Drag City around ’94 and I’ve been putting out records and touring ever since. I’m really lucky to have worked with so many great musicians.

I have a bio on Wikipedia if you’re interested. You should also check my label Drag City. My discography is viewable in its complete form, or separated into my own albums and EPs, appearances on compilations and guest appearances on other people’s records.

Oh yeah… the “roller-skating enthusiast” thing in my blog header? It’s sort of an inside joke, based on a true story. I actually do love to skate, and I am a good skater, but I’m not currently active in the sport like I used to be. I just think the tagline’s funny, and less boring than “Drag City chanteuse” or whatever.

Regarding this website

I do it all myself; I always have and probably always will. I’ve been running this site in some form or another since what, 1994? Yes. Well, when I say I “do it all” I mean the fixing-up of the templates, the writing of the content, the handwriting that you see, basically every single janitorial duty that must be done for the creation and running of the website. So that’s why it’s so… weird and piled-together. It’s the sum of many years of throwing crap up here and hoping it sticks. Heh!

I didn’t write the underlying code that powers my blog though, of course. I USED to do all that by hand in plain ol’ HTML, back in the old days. Then I got wise and started using Blogger, then Movable Type, then ExpressionEngine. I’m currently using WordPress as my blogging tool, and loving it / hating it, like everything else.

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Inquiries about business matters (booking, radio, press, etc.) should be directed to my label Drag City.

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