click for larger imageEdith Frost: CALLING OVER TIME
©1997, Drag City #DC89 (CD and LP)
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Produced by Rian Murphy
Engineered & mixed by Jim O’Rourke
Photography by Chuck Cors

Edith Frost, Jim O’Rourke, David Grubbs, Rick Rizzo, Rian Murphy, Sean O’Hagan

Temporary Loan; Follow; Calling Over Time; Denied; Pony Song; Too Happy; Wash of Water; Shadows; Thine Eyes; Give Up Your Love; Albany Blues

About the musicians:
The Legend of Calling Over TimeThis is Rian Murphy’s handwriting, on a piece of paper that I’ve always kept tucked inside my copy of the CD.  It’s the legend of who played what instruments on what songs.  I asked Rian to write it all out for me after we recorded the album; I knew I’d forget that stuff.

About the artwork:
The image on the cover of Calling Over Time looks like a painting, but it’s really just an upside-down photograph of a puddle.  (If you turn your head a little, you can see the water, the pavement and the melting snow around the edges.) The photographer Chuck Cors is an old pal of mine from the Muze days… he took the picture around 1996 when we were coworkers there doing data-entry in Brooklyn, just across the East River from the always-looming World Trade Center towers in New York.  Chuck snapped the photo while walking along the Westside Highway in Manhattan, and the building you see in reflection is the north tower of the WTC, with the south tower hidden behind it due to the angle.  This picture has always meant a lot to me — it’s always been my favorite image of the city, and my favorite photo of Chuck’s.  It’s a spooky dream-view that somehow perfectly represents the seven years I spent living and working in NYC, where I wrote and demo’ed all the songs that ended up on that first album.  And obviously, the picture means even more to me now that that particular view is gone forever.  :-(