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Is tobacco safer than electronic cigarettes?

Not if you smoke it! And no, e-cigs won’t cause cancer…

“The e-cigarette cartridges tested by the FDA can hold between 0.5 and 1 ml of liquid. The FDA testing found 1% DEG in one of the cartridges. It would take 100 of the 1 ml cartridges or 200 of the 0.5 ml cartridges to yield 1 ml of DEG. Therefore a 150-pound user would have to consume between 6800 and 13600 cartridges in a single day to take in a toxic level of DEG. On average, an e-cigarette user consumes one cartridge per day.”


Another opinion on YouTube

Thanks to Moonbeat for posting this on ECF…

  • Electronic Cigarette Association president Matt Salmon’s response to the FDA: http://bit.ly/FfaRo #

BigJimW speaks

This guy’s hilarious, and right: What the FDA does not want you to know from their e-cig test

Salmon makes sense

My newest creation!

Triple Play ScarfJust kidding, I found it online. A monstrosity like that would probably strangle its owner.

How to knit

So I’m re-learning how to knit; I’m working on a scarf for the first time since I was like sixteen. Just the garter stitch — I can’t do the faster Continental method yet, I’ll figure that out tomorrow thanks to this terrific video series I found on YouTube! Maybe I shouldn’t have bought black yarn for my very first project… kinda hard to see what I’m doing. My logic was, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting the thing dirty while I flailed around working on it. But anyway, it’s not so bad. I got like four inches done in the last 24 hours — 50 stitches, maybe 12 or 13 rows. It’s going to be a pretty wide and long scarf, if I actually finish it. :-)

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Crab Coleslaw Medley

OMG, the Mountain View Edith Frost makes the papers again! I wonder if she can sing? I sure don’t cook. I mean, I could but I don’t.

This salad gets its pleasant crunch from ramen noodles, almonds and sesame seeds. “It’s my most asked-for recipe,” says Edith Frost from Mountain View, California. “An adaptable main dish, it works well with chicken or turkey, too.”


And though I want to open up my heart

Great story, bummer ending for me… ;-)


First Look: 1Password for iPhone

From TUAW:

Managing passwords on the go is about to get easier, now that 1Password for iPhone has hit the App Store [iTunes link]. The release features secure notes, wireless sync to your Mac, and all the credential-caching fun you expect from the full-size tool — in a handy pantsable format.


Google Calendar Adds CalDAV Support

Now we’re talkin’…


Albany, CA, coincidentally.

From the blog of Lucio Menegon, Kingtone Music…

Albany, CA is a sleepy little city that is part of the East Bay just north of Berkeley. A mostly ‘middle class’ (for the SF Bay Area) kinda place where people raise kids without the fears of many modern urban dwellers. It has a conservative 1950s feel to it, and from what I hear the cops there like it that way. Strangely enough, it is home to some amazing talent and subversiveness. Maybe that is not strange at all.

Here’s some examples I have experienced.

This past weekend I played on a session with Drag City artist, Edith Frost. It was a nice song titled, My Euphorbia and was recorded for a possible future DC comp that apparently has something to do with the tracks being performed live. Those in attendance were Edith, Wil Hendricks on standup bass, myself on guitar, Val Esway and Heather Davidson on backup vocals. Edith and Wil (via Chicago) live in Albany. […]


My Week in Pictures…

This is Val Esway‘s blog. She and Heather Davison did some super-cool spooky backups on a tune I recorded the other day.

… which will be here too soon… which is why I can’t even stop to tell you about my recording session with Edith Frost… or the amazing set that Joe Rut played tonight at the Bazaar Cafe…. there is more, more, more, …


Song of the Day: Occidental Brothers Dance Band International

From KEXP:

Led by guitarist Nathaniel Braddock — also of Edith Frost, The Zincs and Ancient Greeks — the group started off covering the best of traditional Congolese musicians. They’ve since gone on to create their own signature blend while …


Show poster for five bucks!

Record Bar poster

A very pretty poster designed by Sean Ingram, for the 2006 show I did with the Zincs at the Record Bar in Kansas City.


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