This is the list of compilations I’ve appeared on. See the category links to view just my own releases, my guest appearances on other people’s records, or the full discography of all releases grouped together.

I’ve Changed My Ways

Ive Changed My WaysMy demo version of Walk on the Fire got included on a Mundane Sounds MP3 sampler called I’ve Changed My Ways: The Mundane Sounds New Music Sampler, Volume Four.  The MP3s will be available for a limited time, so download ’em while you can!  My song, however, is the same version that will always be freely downloadable on my Comfort Stand Demos album.

Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down

CD cover artDon’t Let The Bastards Get You Down: A Tribute To Kris Kristofferson
©2002 Jackpine Social Club
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I sang backups (along with Nora O’Connor) on Kelly Hogan‘s offering, "Why Me".  Other artists include John Doe, Tom Verlaine, Chuck Prophet, Polara, Mark Kozelek, Jon Langford, the Mother Hips, Paul Burch, and Stephen Bruton.

Shanti Project Collection Vol. 2

click for larger image...Shanti Project Collection Vol. 2
©2000, Badman Recording
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Includes two songs of mine, "Ancestors" and "Cold and On My Mind", which were previously released on my ANCESTORS single in 1997.

Also features rare or previously unreleased tracks by Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses), Melissa Auf der Mar (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins), Mimi Parker (Low), Rebecca Gates (Spinanes), Paula Frazer (Tarnation) w/ Mark Eitzel (American Music Club), and Julie Doiron (formerly of Eric’s Trip).  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD will benefit Shanti Project of San Francisco, an AIDS/HIV assistance provider.

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Live at the Blue Room

click for larger image...Live at the Blue Room
©2000, Yanstar
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A compilation of live performances at the Blue Room Theatre in Chico, CA.  Includes a live version of my song "Calling Over Time", along with other tracks by Richard Buckner, The Dismemberment Plan, Burning Airlines, Braid, and lots more.

POPnews: POPvolume #1

Click for larger image...POPnews: POPvolume #1
©2000, POPnews (France)
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POPnews is a cool French webzine, and this was their first compilation.  My song "Follow" (the original 4-track demo) appears, along with tracks by The Apartments, Ashtray, Brian, Burzinski, Dakota Suite, Idaho, Lenola, Paloma, Saloon, Splinter, Steph Sonotone, Vera Clouzot, Willard Grant Conspiracy, and William Pears.

Japanese Rumba

Japanese Rumba: A Yakuza CompilationJapanese Rumba: A Yakuza Compilation
©1999 Yakuza Magazine #YAK-5

Released with the 10th issue of Yakuza, a magazine which is now out of print and gone from the web, though you may still be able to get a copy directly from its publisher David McGurgan.  I’ve posted an MP3 of the song I contributed, When The Bees Are In The Hive.

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CMJ New Music Monthly

CMJ New Music Monthly©1999 CMJ New Music Monthly

A compilation CD included in the February 1999 issue of CMJ New Music Monthly. My song "Are You Sure?" (the same version that appeared on my second album Telescopic) was included, along with tracks by Ani DiFranco, Hope Blister, Boo Radleys, Seaweed, John Coltrane, Kodo, Starseeds, Mojave 3, P.J. Olsson, John Southworth, Lambchop, Matt Pond PA, Of Montreal, Skinnerbox, Hellacopters, Two Dollar Guitar, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Amp, and DJ QBert.

Smiling Pets

click for larger imageSmiling Pets
©1998, Sony Japan
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A Beach Boys tribute.  I did some vocals on the Jim O’Rourke cover of "Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (Spring Breaks and Back to Winter)"

Les Inrockuptibles: Un Ete 1997

Les Inrockuptibles: Un Ete 1997Les Inrockuptibles: Un Été 1997
©1997, Les Inrockuptibles

My song "Temporary Loan" (the same version that appeared on Calling Over Time) was included on this compilation put out by the French music magazine Les Inrockuptibles.

Also appearing are tracks by Echo & the Bunnymen, Tindersticks, The Walkabouts, Luna, The Wannadies, Rialto, Lauren Hoffman, The Folk Implosion, Broadcast, Tricky, Supermalprodelica, Locust, David Byrne, Belle and Sebastian, OP8, Elliott Smith and Jim White.

Drag City: This Means War

Drag City: This Means WarDrag City: This Means War
©1996, Jade Music / Toy’s Factory #TFCK-88784 (Japan)

My song "Calling Over Time" (the same version that later appeared on my first album of the same name) was included on this Japanese compilation CD, along with tracks by Palace Brothers, Royal Trux, The Red Krayola, Gastr del Sol, Smog, Flying Saucer Attack, Plush, Silver Jews, and Cynthia Dall.

Released sometime around the spring of 1996; I’m not sure of the exact date.  I can’t read Japanese, but it’s almost certainly out of print, and isn’t available on Drag City’s site either.