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North Beach mural

North Beach muralHere’s the story behind that banner. I guess it’s been there over a year now.

North Beach mural detail

Breakfast at Curly’s

Breakfast at Curly's


RougeSmall crowd of pretty people watching some sort of athletics on the tee-vee. Rouge is a bar that’s butt-up against and opens up into Nick’s Crispy Tacos, the best Mexican-food joint in my neighborhood. I don’t mean to be a hater but the place gets overrun every weekend with drunk & obnoxious fratboys and their flip-flop wearin’ girlfriends. This picture isn’t a very good example of that phenomenon but whatever.

Screwdrivers aren’t big


Although, to be fair, I do have pretty large hands for a woman. Man-hands, practically.



I made a necklace for my Screwdriver. :-)

Stonewalls and Swedish snus

Stonewalls and Swedish snusStonewall dissolvable nicotine tablets in Java and Wintergreen; various brands & flavors of Swedish snus (plus one American-made by Camel). Snus are *sort* of like chewing tobacco, except they’re NOT full of carcinogens (tobacco-specific nitrosamines) and DON’T taste like ass. These are all "portion" style — little pouches made of teabag material filled with tobacco. I didn’t think I’d like ’em, but I really do.

Electronic cigarettes and liquids

Electronic cigarettes and liquidsMy rather outlandish collection of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid for topping up. If you’re a hardcore smoker — or any kind of smoker, really — you really ought to try these! I initially tried them just to have an alternative to smoking, a way to smoke inside the house, but ended up completely quitting the "analogs". E-cigs are about a thousand times safer, and my lungs are thanking me profusely. For more information please check out ECF.

Not shown: EM901 and DSE901 e-cigs, and all the chargers!

My new Screwdriver


Beautifully handmade by Trog at It’s a personal vaporizer, aka electronic cigarette. I’m not getting baked, just being a dork.

Hello from Posterous, by the way!

Dishcloth #7

Took me like a month and a half to finish this! I was moving. Still haven’t unpacked all my knitting junk.

Dishcloth #7Dishcloth #7
Sugar & Cream

Vaping away

My stash of e-juiceMy stash of e-juice… deliciously flavored propylene glycol plus nicotine, for use with those miraculous new personal vaporizers, aka electronic cigarettes. I’ve ordered even more juice for stockpiling in case it really does get banned in the U.S.

Vaping awayI got my new e-cig from Phil at He’s a one-man three-person operation — slim selection but only the good stuff. Phenomenal customer service too, and super-speedy delivery.

Please sign this petition to keep e-cigs legal and available!

Lombard Street

Lombard StreetNot that you can see the crookedey part or anything. I need a helicopter.

Powell cable car

I’m going to have to be waiting in this line repeatedly for a very long time, due to the hilltop location of my new apartment. I sure hope it moves fast. The line I mean… I already know the cars are slow as hell! But it sure beats hoofing it over Nob Hill. :-|

Friendship bracelets

So… I used to make these in the 80s. Yeah. I also had blue hair and worked at a head shop. Anyway these are just a few of the rejects, ‘cuz I gave away (or threw away) most of the good ones.

I think the bracelet on the far right is the point where I decided “enough is enough!” and abandoned the whole craft. I think I was trying to use 24 strings or something insane like that, using super skinny floss. Not only does it induce seizures, it also doesn’t work very well — it gets all distorted and icky if you try to move the design too close to the edge. Blecch.

EZ cap #3

EZ cap #3EZ cap #3EZ cap #3
A new hat! Using a pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann (for the third time). This one’s for myself, I think. And I’m not going to felt it this time. :-)

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Knitter’s graph paper

HEE! It’s the Drag City logo. I don’t know what I’m doing, or what I’m doing WITH it yet, but I seem to be doing it!

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