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Pocket Wikipedia

From Lifehacker:

Windows/Linux/Windows Mobile: It’s not the whole world-knowledge shebang, but Pocket Wikipedia drops 14 million and 24,000 images onto your PC or Windows Mobile device. The articles are hand-picked to cover the widest array of material you can fit into 175 MB, and the interface is condensed to offer quick searching and indexing on mobile devices.



Via Harper Reed:

I’d like to announce the general availability of a project that I’ve been working on in my spare time for the last few months: whoisi.com.


Hands on with the Ubuntu Netbook Remix

I’m trying this out on my Eee PC…


The Shaggs “My Pal Foot Foot”

Hack Your Kindle: 100+ Tips…

…Resources, and Tutorials to Get More Out of the Amazon Kindle

Link (via KindleKorner)

Bowery Boy Blue

(…) Drummer Jason Toth (Manishevitz, Edith Frost) emits a Pixies-like pulse on “They Sleep Standing Like Cranes”, and propels the record throughout. (…)


Teen Spirit: 1926

Teen Spirit 1926

July 9, 1926. Washington, D.C. “Girls in bathing suits with ukuleles.” National Photo Company Collection glass negative, Library of Congress.
View full size.

Link (via Phineas)

Google Docs Adds PDF Uploads and Previews

This feature was added to my account the other day — it was letting me upload but wouldn’t display the PDF. Now it displays beautifully, but I’m noticing the search is a little wonky. I expect they’ll fix that soon though — they are Google!


Searching from the Address Bar

Get rid of that Google box


Curry Favor: McCain is…

…shitting his adult diapers at this very moment


He was there, I heard him!

  • Eilen Jewell

    settonmcleod posted a comment:

    I love the floating hat guitar player.

    Edith Frost:

    LOL!!! I hadn’t even noticed. That is totally creepy.


Poor Jenn

  • Marooned – Jenn got mugged!! :-( So glad she’s ok.

Create Rounded Corners For Images with RoundPic

From Mashable:

RoundPic is exactly what the name suggests: an image editing site where simple, square photos can be uploaded and smoothed out to create sleek, rounded corners.


Line forms outside 5th Avenue Apple store for absolutely no reason

This sounds like an article out of the Onion


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