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Mystery Song 041

Buddy KnoxThe new mystery song is freshly ripped and ready to go.  Not that I’m going to tell you what it is or anything.  Last week’s song was "Where Shadows Go" by the wonderful Buddy Knox, off his 1968 album GYPSY MAN.  That’s another thing I had to rip off the vinyl because, to the best of my knowledge, they never *@&!# released it on CD.

Mystery Song 040

This week’s mystery offering is something I ripped awhile back, from deep in my stacks-a-wax.  Last week’s gem was also ripped from vinyl — "Hippy In A Blunder" by Johnny Buckett, off a great out-of-print 80’s compilation called "Bent, Batty & ‘Bnoxious!"

Mystery Song 038

Last week’s mystery song was a cute little number called "Desert Blues", by the Rhythm Wreckers.  Got it from the Western Swing group back in the ol’ Audiogalaxy days, so thank you Tunewrangler!  This week’s tune is now available as well.  It’s completely different from the last one, as usual.

Feel free to say hi if you haven’t posted here before.  :-)

Mystery Song 037

Last week’s mystery song was "It’s Been a Drag" by James Ray, the flip side to his 1962 single "If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody." I picked that up at the great big Record Exchange in Kansas City when we were out visiting Scott & Jolie.  This week’s song is a whole lot older, and it’s a whole ‘nother genre too.  I like variety.  :-)

Boy, there are a lot more people downloading the mystery songs than there used to be; it’s gone up to 80-100 every week.  Who are these people?  They don’t call, they don’t write… how come nobody comments?  Of course we can only really talk about last week’s song, so I could see how that could get confusing.  I’ll end up looking like David Cross in that episode of Mr. Show, where he plays the host of a call-in talk show that’s pre-recorded a week early…

Mystery Song 036

This week’s mystery is a tune that the also-enigmatic mister James Apt gave me on a mix tape years ago.  I finally found the vinyl and ripped it for ya.  Last week’s song was "Love Dance of the Nodding Folk" by Current 93, an oddity that was sent out on my old group on Audiogalaxy.  I so miss that group, it was such good times.

Mystery Song 035

Time for this week’s Mystery Song!  Last week’s song was "Ua Like No A Like" by the lovely miss Annette Hanshaw.  It just might be the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard in my whole life.  I never get tired of hearing it.

Mystery Song 034

It’s ready!  Last week’s mystery song was "My Feet Start Tapping" by Adolph Babel.  Or rather, it’s a song-poem with lyrics by Adolph Babel; I dunno who the artist is.  I got the MP3 from my bad-music pal Whammo, back in the Napster daze.

Mystery Song 033

…is ready to go.  Last week’s song was another Elvisoot rarity, "Ten Horned Devil" by Prince Arky.  He sent it out to my Audiogalaxy group, back in the daze.  I sure miss Audiogalaxy!  Before you ask, NO I’m not using any filesharing services these days.  That’s the chilling effect of the DMCA for ya.

Mystery Song 032

I can’t believe the week went by so fast, but here we are again with another Mystery Song.  Last week’s was "Ursonate Pt. 3" by Kurt Schwitters.  I’d like to pretend I know all about him, but all I have is that MP3. It’s a good one to have!

Mystery Song 031

…is ready to go.  Last week’s mystery song was "Put the Bone In" by Terry Jacks of "Seasons In The Sun" fame.  John turned me on to that one.  :-)

Mystery Song 030

If you didn’t get a chance to grab last week’s Mystery Song because I was off sulking in the corner, too bad for you ‘cuz the new one is ready to download!  What it was was "I Wanna Eat Your Pudding" by the nearly legendary rockabilly great Alvis Wayne.  This week’s song also involves double-entendres involving sex and food (I THINK!), but it’s a lot more perverse.  It’s also a little more well known, I guess you’d say, than some of the other tracks I’ve posted, so if you know it already, sorry for makin’ you go out of your way for nothin’.  That would only apply to a few of you though, I reckon.

Mystery Song 029

Hi there!  I hope y’all got a chance to download last week’s mystery song, a charming shit-stained saga called "Margo’s Cargo" by a Canadian national treasure, Stompin’ Tom Connors.  One of my website readers turned me on to him awhile back, and I thank her very much.  This week’s mystery song (which of course will remain a secret for now) is ready and waitin’ for your consumption.  Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with the war, it’s just stupid fun to take your mind off all that for two minutes.

Mystery Song 028

…is now ready for your consumption. Last week’s mystery song was "Hop, Skip & Jump" — not by the Collins Kids, but an ultra rare version by the Las Vegas Sweethearts. I got the MP3 from elvisoot back in the good old days of Audiogalaxy.  I hope to be posting more of his excellent rarites here later on, if he doesn’t mind.

Mystery Song 027

…is now posted.  Last week’s mystery song was a happy lovely little number called "Sandy Land" by Ramona Jones (Mrs. Grandpa).

Mystery Song 026

…is posted.  Of course I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you about last week’s song, which was "Where You At" by David Allen.  I ripped it off his LP "This Is My Lucky Day", which I picked up in a thrift shop or some such, many years ago.  I always liked that song, and I really like this week’s song too.  :-)

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