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My dinner is sad

@pkmonaghan I’m turning you off now :-P


@pkmonaghan I didn’t have good cell service so couldn’t post at the time. Got some more cool shots but I’m NAPPING thank you for yr patience

@pkmonaghan No, that was yesterday. It’s deconsecrated & more like a little museum, or storage place for processional whatchacallums

@robertloerzel I know, right? They can’t figure it out by the pictorial on the sides? Guess not

Detail from the side of the sarcophagus in San Tirso


Do you think it’s a woman?


A sarcophagus I saw yesterday in San Tirso. The uh, inhabitant is unknown/anonymous.


@beecave @pkmonaghan Yay!! I forgot to ask. 88 liters of water huh ;-)

@joannalovesyou Wow I thought I was an ol’ internet fogey. I think mine was ’98, at least on my own domain rather than Tripod or whatever

@pkmonaghan @beecave @tombihn They also use dyneema so everything more or less matches

@pkmonaghan @beecave @tombihn Me too, been rockin’ all-Tom for years apart from actual backpacking-backpacks. For those I love ULA Equipment

@pkmonaghan @beecave No, my blue Birkin isn’t waterproof. J/k I don’t have one. It’s a @tombihn Side Effect made of finest cordura & dyneema

@pkmonaghan @beecave A teeny little bag for in-town. Holds passport & credenciál, wallet & phone, sunglass-clip, pocketknife & maybe a map

@edithfrost Seems. F’in autocorrect

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