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@pkmonaghan Yep. Foot still a little wonky but not bugging me too bad

I doubt anyone can top this story of a bad encounter with wildlife on the AT. Part 1 of 2:…

I got a storage space so I can move all my stuff from Daddy’s garage in SA & have it here while we do work on Jeff’s house. He got one too!

@Virgotex It was happening over & over, feet & knees. Just wasn’t physically sustainable @ this weight + pack weight + level of conditioning

@Virgotex I’m just a little disappointed I had to leave the trail, that’s all. I can always try again, hopefully in better shape next time

My feet & knees are perfect again, goddammit. Oh well LOL. Anyway. Jeff & I are gonna train twice a week with Rusty now. I must get more fit

Indian Paintbrush, I think




I think the doctors were a little hasty in chopping my fingertips off due to frostbite, in that dream I just had

My little blue car & I have been reunited :-)

All my photos from on and around the Appalachian Trail:…

@paintboxsoaps Pretty!

@stevecooper37 Thanks Steve, wish I could’ve held out longer. I had the best time, really wanna get in better condition & try again

Today was the first day in 2 months I actually gave my feet a real break. Ice, elevation & only a little v gentle shuffling around the house

It’s nice to sit on the patio & hear all the birds doing their thing…

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