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  • Parents. No matter how old we get, they tend to want to treat us like kids. Which makes us want to react like kids, am I right? I’m 46 btw. #
  • Oh for the love of… HELP THOSE PEOPLE! Get them outta there, get food, shelter & water, whatever. F* the hysteria, just HELP THEM!! #
  • Thanks to @karrie & lots of reading, I stopped worrying about US on the west coast. It’s all about Japan. Well, and earthquakes, this is SF. #
  • Karrie says not to worry, and she’s a brainiac. Re: the run on iodine, this was kinda comforting to read, from SF: #
  • @rosebrier I do have a go-bag, been working on it for the last year or so. Always yanking & trading out things for smaller & better items. #
  • @karrie Not today we don’t, and hopefully never. But I don’t think it would be a bad idea to have some around. Wish it had occurred to me b4 #
  • @rosebrier When the surgeon general says it wouldn’t be a bad idea, it must not be a bad idea. They didn’t say panic though, and I’m not. #
  • Iodine tablets are the new unobtanium. More desirable than an iPad 2, even. Thought it couldn’t hurt to ask at 4 or 5 places, but no luck. #
  • I finally got the slipcovers I ordered on Jan 1st from Very nice looking. If only their customer service would match up to that! #
  • Scared & horrified about Japan. Darren’s leaving tonight; I wanna follow him up to Portland. I feel like now’s not the time to be apart. Wah #
  • I stood in line almost 3 hours for a new iPad. Then they ran out of the one I wanted. FU very much Apple! #
  • Woke up about 5 hours early to listen to the scanner and get all worried even though I shouldn’t. Glad to be HIGH up in a concrete building. #
  • OMG Japan… :-( #
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