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  • What’s wrong with a traditional frisking? Pat down sides real quick, then down legs starting mid-thigh. No boob check & no hand in my groin. #
  • I would imagine lots of gals don’t wear anything under a long skirt. How much fun is that for TSA pervs? Some may even be she-males, yee-ha! #
  • Also made A haul me to the Coinstar machine with like 20 lbs dumpage from my giant Sanrio-branded piggybank. $103 I got!!! Helloooooo Kitty! #
  • I totally took advantage of Anne’s car today. She was so patient. I bought a futon, sheets, a set of flatware, shower curtain & rod, etc etc #
  • …and now I’ve hired the most excellent professional movers! With foxy Irish accents! ::sigh:: I’m the luckiest girl in the world. #
  • Signed my new lease! Still don’t get the keys until the 21st but at least the paperwork is done. ::whew:: #
  • @jackhonky: I get keys in a week and a half. Have from then until the end of the month to move. Then frickin’ JURY DUTY right after. :-( #
  • Looks like Wil got himself an apt now too. Very relieved even though it’s technically Not My Problem. Funny how I still care about that guy! #
  • Used @zipcar for the 1st time, to get moving boxes w/ Wil supervising. Went fine! Apparently I can still drive, same as I have for 30 years. #
  • So I told Debbie to come over @ 2pm AND I had the extra hour from daylight savings. But I STILL almost slept thru the doorbell! Jeez Edith! #
  • Satellite imagery must be showing SF as one giant orange blotch right now. :-D #
  • Packing boxes & watching Giants parade on TV. NOT listening to my scanner, heheh. I refuse to be bummed out by bad apples right now!! #
  • Reading what the papers are saying about last night’s madness. “Joyful mayhem,” they’re calling it. Okay! Glad it’s over, whatever it was. #
  • Hearing terrible things on my scanner. Rioting, streets getting closed, cops getting bottles thrown at them. NOT COOL!! People getting hurt! #
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