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  • @KathleenD Crossing my fingers for you! It’ll be okay, don’t worry. #
  • My plane had engine trouble! I get to spend another night in PDX. Psych! #
  • Visiting Darren in Portland. It’s been so nice I don’t wanna go home tonight! But he’s coming to SF on Thursday so I won’t be waiting long. #
  • Gonna also start posting other weird &/or cool vids & crap to Just seems a shame not to use such a day-1 type URL. #
  • Dear friends. If you simply delete that chain letter and don’t forward it to a certain # of people, nothing bad will happen to you. Really. #
  • @robertloerzel I am freaking out with glee that it’s even being mentioned. Dare not breathe & won’t believe until maybe mastering stage. ;-) #
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