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  • @abmatic Can you mash him up into a loaf? #
  • Asked the Comcast guy what the orange light on the modem means. He said it was a design choice. 4 green with 1 orange in the middle. Uh huh. #
  • Wow!! I guess it’s public-alert siren-testing Tuesday. Hella loud out here compared to Russian Hill. Won’t ever sleep through one of those! #
  • I have moved! I packed so well & the guys were so fast it only took 2-1/2 hours in all. Generous tips were garnered. Everyone’s well pleased #
  • New apt is amazingly quiet. No more hearing every word of my neighbor’s constant yammering. No cable cars or wild parrots either though. :-( #
  • Movers will be here in the morning. I’m done with the packing. Not really finished, just kaput. But I think they’ll be pleased with my work. #
  • The dimensions of my “sleeping nook” are frightening compared to those of the Oysterbed. That was dumb but I guess I gained a computer room. #
  • I’m in! #
  • Did I mention my new building is smoke friendly? Not that I smoke much anymore but still… it’s freedom to do WTF I want. God bless America!! #
  • @MiddleAgedJock: Thanks! fyi almost everything I’ve done is online @ iTunes & Amazon. Grooveshark too. ;-) #
  • Pizza place during a power outage was such good times. Candles everywhere, everybody laughing, ovens that worked! Felt so lucky to get food! #
  • Went to Oysterbed, down by Tennessee & 24th? On the bus. Got totally hailed on. Ordered the most amazing bed though; it was worth the trip! #
  • Give me a pair of tweezers and I can un-childproof a Bic lighter in about 15 seconds. Yup, I got mad skillz. #
  • I have crazy bruises all over my arms & legs. Brutalized by boxes! Also just realized this is Day 3 of these clothes. Promise I’ll change. #
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