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  • Can’t quite afford The Paramount either. But the leasing agent was so sweet & kind in her reply. Huge difference. I’d live there if I could. #
  • “Sorry you can’t afford The Brannan” — ROTFL!! Well at least us po’ folks done learned how to use punctuation. #
  • Hopelessly smitten w/ an apt I haven’t even seen yet in person. Inner magnetic homing device just freaking out over that location. #pray4me #
  • Just saw another apartment, by Civic Center. Very nice building but no view worth mentioning. I have a couple more irons in the fire though. #
  • Holy crap. My TiVo Series 2 has been running continuously since December 2002. Maybe I should’ve gotten that lifetime service pkg after all. #
  • I’m selling my electric scooter, know anybody who’d be interested? So far, only scammers giving me the time of day. #
  • I manage to find a new way to embarrass myself every single day. It’s pretty much always been like that. I blurt things out. I’m used to it. #
  • Back home from the Califone show @ BOTH. So good to see Ryan again. The “I miss you too” made my day. #
  • Lesson I’ve learned well: do not give your WHOLE DAMN LIFE STORY to any leasing agent, property manager or landlord. They really don’t care! #
  • Giving old juggling gear to the Pi Clowns. Wanna get rid of everything & live in a TOWER! Well, maybe. Purging will be good wherever I live. #
  • Going to Zinzanni with knitterpal Kate. Can’t wait to see the inimitable Mr. PP. So fricken funny. #
  • In serious apt-hunting mode. Thinking about finding a studio in a tower. I need to be inspired so I’m thinking a crazy-cool view might help. #
  • I learned a new cheer. It goes CHI CHI CHI! LE LE LE! VIVA CHILE!! I’m a dork, yes. :-) #
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