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  • Will everybody who has the new Twitter please shut up about it, at least until it kicks in for ME? Then we can all laugh and gloat. #
  • OMG I’m trying Doing 5 days a week, see if I like it. Seems about the same $ as what I pay to eat shittily in SF. #
  • I ordered TWO umbrellas, one regular and one compact. Gonna chuck the POS one that I have and be well prepared this season. #
  • @meimaimaggio: totally wild, yeah. did you see mrs. doyle on shameless? My bf recognized her, I was all WHAA? HUH-UH! OMG IT IS HER!! #
  • @smartyboots: Huge fan of the dispatchers. I wanna do that so bad!! But they don’t hire bubbleheads. #
  • Just finished all 3 series of Father Ted; now shocked & saddened to read that the actor who played FT died the day after filming. NOT FAIR!! #
  • Building alarm went off up the street. Got the scanner up, 1 min later heard the call & saw the trucks arrive. False alarm, but AWESOME FD!! #
  • Eavesdropping radio traffic: house fire in south SF, fistfight in Tenderloin, shooting in Mission. So grateful ems/pd/fire people exist. #
  • Ever since San Bruno I’ve been glued to fire/ems radio. It’s interesting, and comforting to hear, in a way. They seem so capable (& brave!) #
  • @jackhonky Good luck Irvin, I know you’ll do great! I think you should have a variety show on national tv, with baking. you’re a superstar. #
  • Waiting for the show to start at #girlystuff #
  • My very favorite bartender is moving to Austin. ::sob:: Wanna thank him for his service the way you would for a fireman or a combat vet. #
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