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  • @manminusone @Phineas once a muso pal crashed at my place, I came home & found her eating ice cream out of a cat bowl. just washed, but… #
  • Santa was also thinking about getting me a cheap new living room set from Ikea, but decided on a (cheaper) set of slipcovers instead. Neato! #
  • Santa brought me a Drobo S! Will Craigslist my old one after I get data migrated. Old one is the orig usb-only model. S is bigger & faster. #
  • Merry Christmas! Just had an Indian feast delivered. In this building I call it room service ‘cuz they come up & knock on my door like magic #
  • If it isn’t in my iTunes, it doesn’t exist! So I’m adding & preening. An activity usually reserved for times when I should work on my taxes. #
  • Loving my Xmas present to myself, an Elgato Video Capture dongle. Hate throwing away a good old VHS tape. SOME things are still hard to find #
  • @LaurenWK: there was no such thing back then; drag city’s only been doing the mp3 thing like a year or 2. can you grab em another way? shhh. #
  • Warning do not enter massive coffee keyboard technotoxicological hazmat area!! #
  • RIP Captain Beefheart :-( #
  • Wow, don’t get Doug Paisley & Brad Paisley mixed up like I did. Huge difference! Not to disparage, but I really like the former much better. #
  • @teapotgirl Anytime! I did finally check it out the other weekend & def want to go back. #
  • Lost ~10 lbs since the move began, not bad! Wouldn’t recommend my diet to anyone tho. It’s not even what I’m eating, more what’s eating me. #
  • Any thoughts of releasing a new album soon? Also, did… — You got cut off there but I get the idea. I love Judee… #
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