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  • @manminusone hunkering down with y’all in snowlidarity! all my windows are open but I am WITH you in snirit. Sneriously. #
  • Ancient wounds I all but forgot I had, battle scars from several lifetimes ago opening up & oozing a bit. Happens. Get some Cortaid on it. #
  • Visited Egypt as a teen, maybe ’81. The sights were astonishing & I met some very lovely warm people. Wishing peace for them now!! #
  • @aconbere it’s one of those songs, yeah. very happysad. might’ve been too much, at the time, so it’s just as well you’re hearing it now. #
  • @McChris thank you. orange you glad I asked? sorry. #
  • p.s. fuckin’ magnets, right? #
  • Annie got me some clementines, pop! pop! pop! How do they do it, weird science? No seeds. So tiny. How do they reproduce?!? #
  • Totally made off with somebody’s water at the gym – only being a dumbass, not maliciously! Word gets back that the victim is pissed. Oh dear #
  • Got my new coffeemaker and it sure makes a better tasting cup than my old one. Maybe due to the lack of lily pads growing in the reservoir. #
  • @gailcf never used that word unless referring to a bag. forgive my valleygirlness, been self-quarantined awhile so this is fun by comparison #
  • Still recovering from oh just everything, but venturing out later w/ Anne, to BB&B. Finally getting a single-serve coffeemaker. SO exciting. #
  • Would be at Macworld if not for this cold. Bright side: making hot toddies in a giant mug w/ Jim Beam, a whole lemon & glob of honey. Helps! #
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