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  • Thought I had to report for jury duty on Monday, but apparently my group isn’t needed that day. Tuesday, maybe. Will find out Mon afternoon. #
  • Met Wil @ the old apt to turn in our keys. Got lunch & said goodbye. Will see him again sometime, hopefully sooner than later? Who knows. #
  • (Deep “storage” headboard nixed in favor of skinny one w/ floating nightstand. Bed itself has 9 drawers underneath. Delivery Dec 11th, yay!) #
  • Man. Oysterbed is a class act. I screwed up dimensions when I ordered, but they scrambled to adjust the shape so it’ll fit great. Relieved! #
  • @_ingo: Okay well, I may have been exaggerating by 15 minutes or so — but I did wonder about that heat dry switch. Will try that next time. #
  • Is it normal for the dishwasher to take like an hour & a half? I opened the door cautiously and JUMPED back when the steam hit my face. haha #
  • @gloriousnoise: Thank you, I’m thrilled to have arrived. Got a disposal in the sink too! What’ll they think of next? #
  • My new apt has a DISHwasher! And its name is not Edith! I have literally never used one, like ever. #
  • I’ve been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning at the old apartment. Tomorrow? Clean some more. :-| #
  • @rosebrier Such good times. I hope they keep it open a few more years. I always feel like it might be the very last time, every time I go. #
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Wish I could be in Texas with my folks, but oh well. Thank heavens the Tonga Room is still there & open on holidays. :-) #
  • OMG I hear somebody nearby playing a bari sax (I think). Right, this is a jazz music neighborhood! Fantastic. #
  • @abmatic Can you mash him up into a loaf? #
  • Asked the Comcast guy what the orange light on the modem means. He said it was a design choice. 4 green with 1 orange in the middle. Uh huh. #
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