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  • I know this stuff happens, but I’m saddened over the loss of one of SF’s bravest today… #
  • @KathleenD Congratulations Kathleen! I knew that wouldn’t take long. #
  • (I mean the CTO of the reelection campaign, hell I don’t know, but it’s apparently a very cool job!!) #
  • My pal Harper Reed, who’s been hosting my website for years, is Obama’s new CTO. NO joke. #
  • @stringbot Bless yr heart, I figured out how to make 3/4 beats in iElectribe. Didn’t know you could. Thank you very very much sir!!!! #
  • @stringbot Wow? That’s uh… well I’m more at the Bassline level of understanding & was looking @ iOS toys. But it won’t hurt to try it out. #
  • @stringbot so numerology is a beatbox app that does waltz-time? I can’t find it. heh. #
  • Why is there no iOS app called WaltzBox?! Why? That seems crazy. #
  • NO I don’t have anything finished but I do have a question. Is there ANY step sequencer on ANY platform that can do ANYTHING other than 4/4? #
  • @JoeGermuska @KathleenD I know. & some dicks don’t even realize they’re being dicks. But as you can see I’m back to complain about it. ;-) #
  • Got another complaint awhile back about me DARING to tweet w/out also selling new music. Bummed me out & now I don’t even wanna tweet. MYEH #
  • Never knew I was in such DIRE need of a mini trashcan on my desk, until I had this one for a few months. #
  • Got my go-bag ready for the quake & updated mental map of nearby yarn-stores to loot. Loved “After the Rapture” comics: #
  • YouTube is down. Oh noes. #
  • My mother totally just weaseled her way into figuring out most of the surprise me and Lucie had for Mother’s day. (good thing she likes it!) #
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