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@msanthropic I got dibs on the ottoman tho :-)

@tonyatoms and now we sit and ponder this. And we agree you’re right

@pkmonaghan uh. Pretty sure it was me opening for her but whatever

Now Jeff is reminding me that lots of restaurants used to have a sink in the foyer, for customer hand-washing pre-meal

I need more tartar sauce!! Heh. Oh Luby’s


I got a steroid shot right under the kneecap! That was a weird feeling

He said I almost certainly injured it on the trail, & that all the training I’ve done since then was probably aggravating it even more. Meh!

I don’t have arthritis! But I do need physical therapy for the knee thing. Blah



My knee feels better than it has in months!! Because I’m sitting in the waiting room at the sports doc. Of course

@michaeljtanner I think there’s a Wurlitzer EP on that album somewhere too, and a real piano

@michaeljtanner Farfisa? I think. Listen to 96 Tears and compare

@hollersister I got one! Thanks!! How funny

@smartyboots I’ll knot you some sicks

@rosebrier Huh

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