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I tried to explain. He’s like “You wanna pray?” No actually I want you to pray. “Let’s pray!” Okay thank you so much. Smiling. & I walk off

In the cathedral, a priest you could talk to, in a booth. I don’t think Spanish was his first language. Tried to ask him to pray for Denise.

Found my room again, never did find tomb of St. James, maybe later. Her Royal Highness Princess Edith of the house of Frost requires a nap.

The collection of gargoyles that vomit water out their mouths. That’s what it says


Fountain detail


4th courtyard


Courtyard #3


2nd courtyard


One of the courtyards at the Parador Dos Reyes Católicos


Another little chapel inside the cathedral


I was kidding, they’re just pork & milk & cheese & whatnot


.@benignobsession Um… I gave your present to Tamir Rice’s mom. Hope that’s ok, she really needs all the love.…

Got legs propped up in bed per doctor’s orders. Idly reading US news & seems like the most violent, depraved nation on earth. I live there?!

Wish I were in San Antonio for 1 day, to take my mom @benignobsession out to lunch. Rain check Mama? Love you. I’ll be home pretty soon. :-)

@Dat_DollKAYLA Happy birthday Kayla, you’re the coolest! <3

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