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I stopped at Cabela’s


@solarflightowl what’s it doing in your kitchen

Jeff & I hiked 8 miles today w/ full-ish packs. I don’t wanna brag but I can really haul ass & do that all day long, boy. But NOW I’m tired!

@bobblyjo Uh what

Jeff messin’ around on my Nord

Kumari attacks!!!

@davedoughman I’m so happy for you!!!


Hey!! I’m a skater too!!


@JimSRush I could see you in a houseboat

@hollersister Soon, but I think I can get it sorted without jumping hoops… I’ll email you

@hollersister Gonna be thru-hiking Sam Houston Nat’l Forest, north of you. Still don’t know if I can tho. I’ll email if I get desperate ;-)

I bought boxes :-/

@JimSRush I know ::sob::

I played Tetris with my pack and got a week’s worth of food in there, but it’s GINORMOUS! I thought it would be 100 pounds but it’s only 40

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