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@jennatar You gotta tell me your old Animal Crossing town name so I can dream about it. I have literally no friends there :-(

@jennatar I want to know what you’re playing! Destiny isn’t blowin’ my skirt up. I keep turning the PS3 back on to play Saints Row instead

Using the word “beheading” all the time just amps up terror IMO. They should just call it murder or killing, that’s bad enough

@hollersister Happy birthday Deborah! <3

Feels like 3 Mondays in a row so far this week

“Early next year” means March 31st I bet

Honey girl is sooo pissed about this Apple stream not working

One of my villagers gave me a drum kit!! Music room expansion needed. #ACNL #ACNL


I only buy like one outfit a year so I tend to go someplace like Nordstrom where you can hide in the fitting room & let clerk find the Spanx

@KathleenD the menswear clerk pretty much treated Jeff like the model & me like the buyer / chief clothing officer. Heheh

Jeff & I successfully shopped for clothes, it’s madness. Each came home with one nice outfit. Thank god it’s over!

Torrents of rain = I can put off washing my car awhile longer

@Bill_Neubauer p.s. How d’ya like my hair. Good times huh

@Bill_Neubauer Ha! It’s brand new to me. New Leaf. Supposed to be even more fun than older iterations

@HMSJeffBair Drive safe!

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